and pray tell what is UP with the weather?

I have complained bitter all winter that we really haven’t HAD winter! Oh yeah, we’ll have a string of nice days and then – BAM! – a day or two with the temps 20 degrees cooler, but then it bounces right back up.

000 Winter

All last week, our temps were in the 80’s. UPPER ’80’s. Saturday, it was in the 60’s and today… well I don’t think we REACHED 60! And it rained. Cold and rain and it’s supposed to be like this all friggin’ week. They way we’re having a double kick – cold cold snow cold coming in from the west and a nor’easter going into New England. The low tomorrow will be in the 30’s. This is way stupid!

All of sudden, my tastebuds – and stomach – are complete rejecting salads. Specifically the low point salad I’ve eaten happily for a year. That would be a Fresh Start Cranberry and Walnut Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette. It’s like I’m eating leaves.

Well, I AM eating leaves, but it tastes like the maple tree leaves in the back yard. The ones that are brown and have fallen on the ground. And they’ve been rained on. It doesn’t’ taste good. I’m thinking a return to yogurt (fat free) and the occasional lean pocket or smart one might be in my near future for a while.

So what’s been happening is I’ll take 3 or 4 bites of my salad and toss the entire thing – I just do NOT want it and I’m not hungry – until 7 PM when my body demands I make up that missed meal. It’s not helpful.


For the past few months, I occasionally get ‘reviews’ on an old fic that it seems I’ve abandoned. I haven’t abandoned it – I’ve just been side-tracked by the lovely Mr. Armitage and his lovely characters. But this past week I got a rather pointed – *sigh I guess it will never get done – so after… oh…. four years…. I took it out of the moth balls and put it on my harddrive. Meaning, I’ll be rereading it and taking copious notes. It’s a little bastard called ‘The Vacation’ and it’s from the Doom fandom – yeah, that rather forgettable film with Karl Urban and The Rock. It’s just the left a few loose ends and you know me, gotta tie ’em up.


At the same time, I have an even OLDER fic that I don’t tell people about. It’s posted under my OLD pen name and hasn’t been updated in 10 years. Folks, I’ve written 41 chapters of it and it’s bigger than Manna and it’s just SITTING there, no where near done.

It’s now on my harddrive as well. And before anyone asks, it’s the cross over from hell.

It’s 9:30 and I’m yawning. This does not bode well.

Either way it’s time for…


now… with kittens!


Paint me like one of your French Girls…


Oh! Hullo, Brock!

enhanced-buzz-5619-1364584598-14hotmenkittens620131114-10085600-1kittendales_cover645aa110513.jpgimages (7)kittendales_fisherman645aa110613.jpgkittendales_worker645aa110613.jpg

I know there is a set of Richard with kittens, but damned if I can find them. So here… have some beardy Richard.


Alright. I’m moist. G’nite all.