I discovered this morning just how crabby I can be on a Monday morning when I’ve had no…. caffeine.

The answer would be – pretty crabby.

I fell off the wagon this weekend. Too much fast food and cokes but I’m back on it today. Been very very very good. Lots of water. And apples.

And oatmeal. I’m not fond of oatmeal. But if it helps bring the body to a reasonable anything – as long as I don’t have to drink apple vinegar. Or is it vinegar cider or cider vinegar. Either way, it’s vinegar and no, I am NOT drinking it! Blech!

Darling Mimi made up some motivation for me. It will follow Mancandy. Are you ready???


Biceps R Us!!!!!



Oh! Hello Brock!



Would you like a helping hand there, Sir Guy???




You’re servicing my aerobic needs, remember dearie??? I can cheat because of you!


No sweetcheeks. I love your mind as well!


Aw. You’re just sayin’ that!!!! LOL!

Tune in tomorrow for Zee reads and a late installment of the SnowFlake Challenge!