I have been a good girl and working hard. I have eaten 20 of my 33 regular points – the almond treat my son makes will be the death of me –  and I don’t want to go over that as I was bad bad bad and cheated yesterday. Then again, I didn’t EAT on Friday….

I had A pancake for breakfast. Let me tell you something. I can make a pretty pancake!


And it tasted good too!

I decided last weekend that my garage wasn’t getting unpacked and dealt with like it needed to be. It should have been by now. So I set a reasonable goal last Sunday. A box a day or 7 boxes a week. And one of those 7 boxes has to be a Junque box. I’ve almost run out of room on my bookshelves. My next major purchase – this week – will be a bookshelf. Maybe 2 bookshelves.

Considering the diet and the fact I REALLY am doing this and dealing with the diabetes, I got my cookbook shelf in order.


It’s not neat neat, but it’s workable. That white basket is where the WW stuff and my diabetic cookbooks are going. *nodnod*

The most important piece of furniture in this unpacking thing is this.


Which doesn’t look like much of anything, but when one considers I have boxes and boxes of paper trail and documentation and I couldn’t find any of it if I wanted, then this piece of furniture becomes very important because…. voila!


So far, 3 junk boxes have been whittle down into this or trashed. I’m quite proud, yes I am.  I figure when we move the cave around and turn it into a – gasp – a FAMILY room, it will make a nice end table.

An organized Zee is a happy Zee. That garage is going to be done by June. I hope, I hope. I’m trying to decide if I want to go ahead and break down the empty boxes I’m keeping, or not. Hmmmm.

So what’s new in YOUR world?