This is soooooo going to be fun.


I’ve gained back every pound I’ve lost. I’m upset about that, but now I’m counting and recounting and all of that and sometimes I think I’d just rather say to hell with it, eat like I want and die a happy, bloated corpse.

I think my son would be upset tho. A little bit.

So I started it yesterday and I have a journal to keep track of my smart points and my fitness points and my frustration points and my anger points.

And I get up at 4 AM this morning with food poisoning. I haven’t had any food today, except a few bites of a chicken sandwich and coca-cola and water. meh.

My gut is still churning something horrid. At least I’m not vomiting anymore. Chili isn’t good the second time around. Spawn is wanting to go out to eat and I’m just… no. Just no.

So I’ve been home. Reading. Writing. Gary’s next chapter is almost done. Yay.

I hear ‘Brain on Fire’ has been picked up by Netflix. Yay.

Richard, baby, it’s lovely when you film things and make movies, but it’s NOT lovely when you’ve done all this work and then it takes forevah to get released. 

So here. Happy Weekend everyone. Have some Richard! It’s Guy day!!!


No Guy Day is complete without those strutting leatherclad peaches. Hmmmm mmmmm finger lickin’ good!