There are days I am reminded that I am loved and worried over.


Some Hershey’s Dark Chocolate accompanied these. They are truly lovely.

There are things that remind me daily that I have the bestest friends in the world – many of whom I’ve never met.



This little shrine doesn’t include quite a few of my favored mementos. NOt hte collection of DVDs or the books that inspired said dvds. It’s not showing Thor-out or his traveling companion, Tauriel.

It doesn’t include my new pouch, that I’m now using more than my purse – well because my kindle fire won’t fit in my purse.


It doesn’t include my poster, which is hanging at work. My kids think it’s funny that I have so many future husbands.

Crucible programme

OT – I’ve pretty much talked myself out of the pretty peacock tunic, unless someone wants to talk me back INTO it.


There is much more RALurve on this now… see earlier pictures.

But that’s my little shrining area(s) for my RAcollection. Nothing much, just me.