That ISN”T completely set up, but is enough.

As some of you know, today is my parents 56th wedding anniversary. They still hold hands, and play and have everything I want in a relationship and have come to grips that I won’t have. I envy them. It was a nice visit, even if I did run around yesterday like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to clean. It was a good thing I did. Landlady texted last night and said she’d be here in the afternoon to inspect the outside of the house. Things are getting old and she’d rather fix them before they fall down than after. I’m glad.

Either way, my house is CLEAN and I took pictures because this never happens. Spawn and I actually just had dinner at our table – a first in over a decade. I don’t remember eating at the table when we lived down the coast.

So, I took pictures (behind the cut) and it’s not to brag, but simply to a) prove I cleaned it and b) have a record of sorts to prove it. Spawn has stated he wants it kept this way. Well son, you’re going to have to help. His room and cave still look like hell and I’m thinking during my spring break, I’ll be cleaning it while he’s at school.

Speaking of Spring Break, ours aren’t at the same time so we only have 4 days together the first weekend and we decided to go somewhere – Charleston or Jacksonville. Nope. The parental units talked us into coming up there. That’s fine. I need a hair cut and they want to give us a 36 inch flat screen television. I”m good with that. Means I have to rearrange my cave. I can cope.

I will have RA love and shrines posted tomorrow. Well, pictures of said shrine, and a lovely little quickie – of sorts – of Guy and Gen. The quickie will be posted here, Tumblr, A03, Ffnet… I think that’s all of them…


Yes, that’s the living room. I’ve shown it before.


Miss Widgette in my hall. Yes, no pictures hung as of yet.


My dining room. It’s really big when it’s clean. Ignore the Goodwill box in the corner and yeah, I’m still unpacking books.


No, the chairs DON”T match. I’m good with that. And that would be my Christmas center piece that needs a LOT of work. Had I known mom was coming, I would have brought my glue gun and allowed her to do her magic – since she made it! And yes, it seems I forgot the Christmas chair pads are still tied to the chairs.

And my room, that still has bare spots….


That paper valentine on the corner of my mirror was made for my by my son when he was in I think the 5th grade. There are various ‘coupons’ on it – helping me clean, helping me cook. My favorite one however is a free coupon to by pass dishwashing and just sit and watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with him. (IT was his favorite game show)


That be it. We’ll have to completely rearrange the cave when we get the television. I’m already looking forward to it!