Had my parents been 30 minutes later, the entire house would have been complete. That said, we still need to finish tomorrow because the landlady will be here in the mid-afternoon to check the roof. It’s getting elderly and with the hurricanes and tropical storms and rains, she wants to check it out.

So when I finish it, I’ll take pictures. It’s really pretty when it’s done and I’d like a record of it since it’s so RARELY in this condition.

I received a package today. It made me cry. Happy tears, to be truthful. I have the most amazing friends. My mom wants to know if they will be her friend to.

Normally, I ignore Valentines Day. It’s just another day for me and I stay home to stay away from all the lovey dovey antics of every one. I have a friend who on occasion will send flowers and that’s nice. I had HOPED this Valentines would be something… special, but it won’t be, so never mind.

But I got lovelies in the mail and it made me cry happy tears. The note that came with it, mostly. I don’t know what I did to have the friends I have. God knows, I don’t think I deserve them, but nevertheless…. I’m so grateful and thankful and Thank You Richard, because YOU were the one who brought us all together.



It’s lined and there’s a zipper! Zippers are bitches, according to my mother!

So Thank you Guylty!!! Mwuah mwuah mwuah! Tell Mr. Guylty you deserve extra wuvs!