So I totally admit to dropping the ball last week and so not doing this. I admit to exhaustion, laziness, total ire with the things that are seeping through my feed in my email and social media.Work. Work has been hell. I have avoided my favorite hangouts and even my own wall on Facebook due to the ugliness that is politics. And I so do not want to go there. People on both sides are turning into screaming idiots and I am ready to simply turn it all off and come back in 4 years, if we are still alive.

So! Here we go!
This weeks fandom challenge is an unusual one. One I really don’t know how to handle in this venue.
Day 04

Comment to someone you haven’t ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you’ve interacted with and friend/follow them. As this is my blog, I’m simply going to suggest we introduce ourselves at this time and tell the group a bit about themselves.

I should come up with some way cool questionnaire. I’m sure I have one somewhere…  but here I go. 
Hi. I’m Zee, short for ZeeDrippyVessel or Zee’s Muse. I write in several fandoms – LOTR, Hobbit (I love my Rohirrim and Dwarves!) Doom, Harry Potter,  Robin Hood BBC 2006 and Into the Storm. Yes, I am a Richard Armitage fan! LOL! I’ve been writing since 2002. My first LOTR fanfic was a little, unworthy thing, but I’m persistent and kept at it, lol! I tend to write humorous – well, I think they’re humorous – stories and and my canon males are paired with OC hell cats. I have ventured into the D/s scene with my last series. (A Guy of Gisborne set of fic) I archive at OEAM, Ao3, ffnet, and Fairie. 
On a personal level, I’m of an age, my one son is grown and in college. I’m a single mom and a teacher. I live on the coast of Georgia and am generally a fairly laid back person. Except when it comes to politics. 
AH! Lo what hath we found??? A QUESTIONAIRE! Fill it out,k?

First Name:  Zee
Age:  56
Location: Coastal South not Florida
Status: Divorced
DOB: 12/61
Birthplace: Damn Yankee-land
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Eating and Sleeping (nah – reading, writing, piano, knitting, cross-stiching, Richard)
Where did you go to school: Graduated HS on the Gulf Coast, College in Atlanta!
What’s your fave thing about being a mom: I have an awesome son
Least favorite: I’m paying for his college
Last movie you saw: Magical Beasts and where to find them
When kids are napping, what do you do: Nap. Actually, I nap and he cooks.


Have siblings? Yup. Three
Have piercings? One in each ear
Have tattoos? Nope

Color: Purple

Artist: Music? Elton John, Billy Joel for starters. Chris Cornell. Boy has the voice of a fallen angel
Song: I nearly forgot my broken heart
Book: Bible. I also like the Cripsin Guest series by Jeri Westerson, the Lana Harvey series by Angela Roquet.
Movie: THe Hobbit Trilogy
Quote: Never back anything into a corner meaner than you
Food: Anything Asian
Season: Fall. Actually, it’s spring, but I have asthma and the pollen kills me
Place: My bed

Thank you for putting up with me. I had a bunny bite me last night for some 21st century Guy/Gen Valentine’s Day. Little bigger than a drabble, but not by much. 200 words tops. Here. Have some Richard!