and not looking left or right. Politics here have me ready to bite people. Funny, someone said something to me 8 years ago when I was unhappy with the new president, but when I repeated it back (You’ve had 8 years, give someone else a turn) I had the F bomb dropped all over MY wall basically acting like she fell out of a gutter in New York City.

Wait She IS from New York City…

SO I have spent the last 10 days either reading, writing, working (or trying NOT to work) or gaming. Hate work. Job hunting. Honest. I’m ready to contact Former Suitor and beg for a 2nd chance because if he gives it, I’ll be HAPPY to move to Florida Memorial Day weekend.

Yes, it is THAT bad. Ping me privately if I haven’t spoken to you in the last 24 hours. It’s gotten WORSE!

I still need to make time to finish Berlin Station. I’ve gotten the first 4 episodes. I KNOW! Episode 5 is massive Richard-peaches. Clench and roll. Clench and roll! William Edward is stuck in the starting gate and Gary came (heh) screaming out of the starting gate, only to come to a screeching halt because stuff I didn’t want to disclose until after the New Year (in the fic) came out too soon. So. No.

But I had a fairly decent month when it comes to reading. One of the best months in a while.

Sooooo… Zee reads.

No Cover – From the Desk of Grant Cooperon by Marjorie Liu.

Really short. Like… a short one-shot fanfic. It’s a letter written to a baby girl not yet conceived. Beautiful.


Early in January, I mentioned that I’ve come across books that I got partway into and flipped to the end, I was that disinterested , or I kind of figured it out. This was one. Post-Apocolyptic, 2 friends against each other. And the murderous one isn’t the problem. Not interested in the sequels.


This was the other one. Got 1/3rd of the way through it, thought initially it was a Rapture book. It’s not. One minute – population, next minute, only Todd and his dad, who has depression. The book NEVER tells you why they were the only ones left and there is no happy ending. There. Spoiled it, I know.


A medieval mystery that is pretty.. . well dark and heavy. Well written in a Bernard Cornwall style. There is another one, but I think I”ll wait. I have a lot of previously started series to finish.


You MIGHT recognize the author – Sophie Oak – who is Lexi Blake, who I adore. Hers are the only menages I like. This is a genre I’m NORMALLY not interested in – fae erotica. Let’s see…. in Bound, the brothers (yes, brothers) share a soul (symbiotic twins, very rare)  – one is the warrior and the other is the intellectual. Their kingdom of the Seelie Fae has been stolen by their uncle and he’s done everything to make sure they don’t find their soul-mate – who can bridge them. If they don’t find one by age 30, they will go insane and die. They’re close to 30 and the warrior finds a bondmate… who’s been stolen from the Earth Plane.

Texas, to be exact…

The second one is their cousin – Dante – who is a vampire… who is really very intelligent and loves his technology… if they could JUST find a decent sunscreen….  He’s been disinherited until he can find a consort. So he buys the first one he comes across – a rather malnourished she werewolf.

I’ll leave it there.

I actually liked these more than I wanted to. The third one – Beauty – is the first one’s sister – who they think is dead, but isn’t (of course) and she was contracted to marry the Symbiotic Twin Kings of the UNSeelie Fae. Yeah, I know. Just go with it. It’s well written, the plot is good and the sex is amazing. Certainly better than what I’m getting these days. Anyway, I’ll get to Beauty later this week, I’m sure and then I’m going to pick up Abigail Keam mysteries I started last year. There are 7 and I have them. And then the Terri Reids paranormals and the rest of the Marjorie Liu’s and… and…. uhm…. Oh…. Gwen and Gareth medieval mysteries. And Jeri Westerson will have another Crispin Guest book out soon. And Gillian Roberts. I read one of hers a few years ago and for Christmas, I got the first 3 books in that particular series. Yum. I’m living vicariously through my books.

I’m rather upset. My favorite site for romance shut down on December 31st. We were given less than a weeks notice. I had the publisher sites for most of the books, but I had to do a wipe of my computer and I lost the books marks. Meaning I’ll have to hunt the books and redo them.

Have some Richard.


And I wasn’t kidding about pinging Former Suitor. I’m fighting this muches.