Please pray/light candles/send positive thoughts my way. Work has been horrid this week… I found out things and was told things this week I don’t think I can tolerate anymore. The student that assaulted me before Thanksgiving is still here. Had Former Suitor not turned into such a shit over night – yes Bill, I’m talking about you! – I would be packing my stuff, cleaning out what I don’t want FASTER, and moving to the Gulf Coast Memorial Day weekend. Yes, it’s been that bad.


I tore 7 pages of Gary out of the current chapter of Nemo. It’s not tossed, I just cut and pasted it into another document. That discussion isn’t going to happen right now. I’ve decided they are too fresh.

William is having a rough go out of the gates. Vivienne is proving to be a difficult, headstrong filly and the leather-clad muse has informed me of a plot twist I hadn’t planned (thought about) on.

I need to take a good look at The Shepherd. I’ve not updated it in ages.

I’m behind posting at EFFN and the new moderator at RAF has taken a long vacay and didn’t tell anyone. The former moderator has unplugged from pretty much everything. Did I mention I really dislike posting at a moderated site? I have a backlog and I’m certain I’m not the only one.

I’m going to have to restore/reset my computer today. I’m moving things off my hard drive now as we speak. This is the 4 th time since September all over the same thing – my cd/dvd rom. It won’t burn. It gives me an error. The customer service guys are telling me it’s because my drivers aren’t compatible… but wait, I’ve USED it for a year. How can it be NOT compatible???

Thing is moving slower than a mo-fo anyway! It’s worse than dialup.

I want chocolate. Milk chocolate and I want a coke.

So on that note, we’ll say I’m just too pissy for polite company and here… have some Richard.