I could be political here… but I won’t. There is enough whining going on on the internets. In fact, you might not see me most places for a while. I’m ready to smack people.

I have 13 Guydays left before summer! yippee! Last year, I looked forward to summer… in fact last summer was the best of my life. I don’t see this summer being better. Hey, I might get my garage cleaned out finally! my house is a rental, meaning someday, I will be moving and I am NOT moving in how many carloads, a 12 foot truck and a 28 foot truck ever again. ONE truck. Period. End of discussion. I have more crap that needs to go somewhere else. My crap is someone else’s treasure… or trasher… whatever.

HEY! 7 more Fridays until Spring Break. Whooot!

I had my 3 year blogversary this week. More whooting. As previously discussed, I have no idea WHY I have a blog or what the theme is…

Random Thoughts by a Perveyor of British male Hotness…

Of course, there is only ONE British Hottie I’m focused on.

We shall now proceed.


The smoulder is strong in this one.


My work is done.