Bet you thought I forgot.

Well, I DIDN’T forget! This is the last holiday weekend before spring break – which sadly is at the end of March. We have all these LOVELY looooong holidays and they managed it by taking the 3 day weekends from us. I’d like to have the 3 day weekends back. We need them. Really. We do.

I’ve been fighting with an external. It’s the one with ALL of my knit and crochet on it and it’s the youngest external I have. I got it in October and it decided to error out. Luckily, I was able to do a check disc and I didn’t loose anything – thank you Jesus.

While picking up a few things and grocery shopping, I made the mistake of going into the local Shoe Carnival up the street from me. They were having a sale. Normally, I have a difficult time finding anything in my size the is aircraft carrier width, but I managed today. A comfy black wedge – now I can wear my red pants that needed half an inch height – as well as a pair of taupe boots. I’m going to look bad ass when my green velvet and lace pirate jacket comes in!

And in the 3 days weekend, I forgot to kinda clean my house, get waxed and get my toes done.

There is also the thing with my driver’s license… speeding tickets are murder in Georgia. Don’t get one! Not only does whoever get a piece of your ass, so does the state of Georgia.

But we have been to the grocery, we have crockpot food so Tuesday and Thursday are covered. Tomorrow night – crockpot chili! Whoooot!

Aside has been updated everywhere except RAFrustration. I’m thinking the new mod moved, or returned to school, or is having issues. She’s not updated since just before Christmas and I know I’ve sent three items and several other people have been posting as well. I hope all is well.

And I’m reading a book I don’t want to skip around to see if I’m right. Sophie Oak. Early writer name of Lexi Blake. Double whoooot!

And now. Mancandy.


Give a man a puppy…..


Might be time to set fire to the back yard!


That’s a puppy smile if I ever saw one.


He does this when I’m sunbathing in the back yard. hmmm mmmmm.

I hope ya’ll had a great day and weekend. Mine wasn’t long enough. I’ll be up early in the morning, going to back to my slaving job.

But I have a job.