Opinion time.

I am NOT clothes poor. At all. I mean it – at all. I’ve been doing that slow rotation in, trying to restock old stuff and I’m doing okay. I typically have a set amount to spend each month or every other month and I stick to it. I’ve spent my allotment this month.

And then my sister sends me a link to the PyramidCollection….. ZOMG!!!!!


With black fake leather pants (I have) and a black tank or simply black round neck – (which I have.)

It’s my allotment (that I’ve already spent) and I have the funds, but I’m thinking… IF I buy it, I have to punish myself and no clothes for at LEAST 2 or 3 months. At LEAST.

Okay. Easter.

I’m ignoring the boots and I’m ignoring everything else…. but THIS! I NEEEED this!!!


Tell me I need this.