We need something nice to look at. Bring in the New Year with a Bang!

I say we sacrifice the Kardashians as well. Pray 2017 won’t get any ideas from 2016.

This weekend, we took down the tree. We’ll pack up the decorations today. I’ve bought 2 large rubbermaid containers. That won’t be ENOUGH, but it will be a start. I know one member of this household that does NOT want to put Christmas things away.


He enjoyed Christmas too much. I know this because this morning as I was cleaning the litter box, I discovered he attempted to decorate it himself. (There was tinsel in the poop. Ew.)

And I don’t think she is going to allow me to pack up that snowman blanket anytime soon.



I am willing to leave the snowman blankie out for the duration of the winter, save our winter has been much of a joke so far. It’s frickin’ JANUARY and today’s highs will be in the mid-70’s. Tomorrow’s high will be 78! I am reminded that later January and February of last year was blue cold.

I started watching Berlin Station yesterday. I finished Episode 1 and got partway into episode 2. I’m told it picks up after episode 3. Here’s hoping…

As usual, I was flipping through the freebook emails I get every day from websites that haunt Amazon and others. On occasion in the past, there would be other freebies tied to it and I feel damn lucky.

This morning, I hit the bonanza motherlode of all freebie chains. It started with a Clean Historical Western Mail order Bride and by the time I finished going through the chains which ranged from Hot Cowboy Take Me to Surprise Taboo Amish Pregnancy… I raked up 44 freebies. Not sure I’ll read ALL of them, but I have them if I’m bored and need a laugh.

In the raking in of spoils, I came across THIS. Yes it’s free and yes, I got it. I often wonder what is wrong with our youth.

It’s because they’re reading this.


I’ll wait. It shouldn’t take long. In fact, the lovely intelligent people who follow me, (Why, I ask! WHY?????) have already figured it out!

I weep. But not for long. If I ever get around to this one, I will approach it as a comedy/parody.

Now. Beefcake anyone?

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Richard needs to do a western. I would pay to see him in well-fitted worn jeans, cowboy boots and hat and a low-slung 6 shooter. Oh. And I’d love to hear him say ‘ya’ll’ or ‘ye-haw’.


That’s right. Yuck it up. I should write the screenplay. ‘Sir Gigglesalot rides West’.

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My work here is done.

For today