And how the hell are ya!

My blood sugar dropped 110 points in 24 hours. Still over 200 but yesterday it was over 300. Get your head in the game!

Is anyone doing those Top 10 Posts of 2016? I’ve not seen any of them and I haven’t gone digging through my notes to find out how to do it if they’re STILL doing them. Not that I’m that interesting anyway. Kinda like… oh Zee’s on a rant. Grab the keg and the Cheetos. 

I think we need a return of Beefcake Sunday. Or Mancandy Monday. GuyDay. Something.

Right NOW I’m going to do a session of Zee Reads. I’m in a quandary. Last year, I was going to finish up the series I started the year before while doing that massive challenge. I think I finished one. One series started. One series finished. And I didn’t read near the books I read last year. Last year I read 70. This year, 53. That’s it. 53 books.

So I’m wondering, should I do a challenge. An alphabet challenge? Or should I simply ‘collect’ and folder all the series I started – or wanted to – and finish them out. See the thing is, Several of the series I started in 2015. I’ll have to reread or at least reskim. I”m good with that I think. Jeri Westerson has a new one coming out – she has a few I’ve NOT read (oh – Crispin Guest. Obviously a descendant from Guy of Gisborne.) Angela Roquet SHOULD have another Lana Harvey book coming out. Terri Reed – she who talks to ghosts. Louisa Locke. San Francisco during the Queen Victoria Era. MOre Lexi Blake. I’ve got a stack of Morgan Rice (fantasy. Epic Fantasy) as well as Kathryn Le Veque.

Armor. Lots of Armor.

When redownloading and backing up my archive from ARE, I discovered – oh yeah, I wanted to read that… of course, they are in the pile of 1400 books… and I’m rather… I dunno. Maybe it’s time to change genres. Maybe it’s time to just hook up the Berlin Station episodes – all 10 of them and watch and knit.  Really.

EITHER WAY…. Here is how I ended my reading year.

This is the author Mimi has just PLEEEEEEEEEEASE read her for months. I read the Iron Hunt last month and was extremely impressed. Darkness Calls is part 2 and Wild Thing – which is an anthology – is the prequel. Basically how Maxine met Grant. Oh boy howdy did they move fast. Faster than me. Either way, again, paint me impressed. I went digging through my arsenal and I have everything up to #5 as well a quite a few others. Definitely in the To Read This Year pile.


Really bad ghost story. I didn’t care about the humans. I found both annoying. I didn’t care about the ghosts. And the ghost hunter called in at the end wasn’t needed. There. I spoiled it. Did. Not. Like.


This I DID like. Novella. Regency. Kinda blows the door off the You Must Be A Virgin Back In Dem Days. There was a plot with this porn and the porn was VERY well set up. You’re well into the book before there is porn. Either way, I liked it. I’ll have to go see if she has anything else.

And Last…


This felt like a goodbye. A wrap up. She’s gotten 11 books out of this series, plus a bunch of novellas. They’ve been splitting off into sub-sides for the last, oh I dunno. But this was bitter sweet. And very realistic. It’s not that we’re not going to see our hot Doms anymore, but things are changing and they are aging.

Our beautiful menage is leaving the Taggart family and starting their own business – searching for lost loved ones. Little Tag has his restaurant and is going live with a cooking show and expanding to other cities. All of his chefs are retired military – and that’s a whole new set of books, although, how much mileage she can get with cooking, knives and chefs with PTSD is beyond me. I think the last story of him and Grace touched me the most. There is real life going on – kids, work, etc. Who has time to play? Do we still want to play?

There are the 2 younger Taggarts and one of them is branching off with his wife… and her brothers who have their own problems.

They have families now and they’re not so hot to put their lives on the line. And Big Tag’s back is spazzing. They are all aging and they all want to sink their roots deep. There is great sex, happiness, and babies. I’m all for great sex, happiness, and babies.

There are recipes – of course – and I suppose I should look at it as how they are branching out and how life is changing. I touched on this last night when I talked about the dinner I had with my college friends. Our lives are so very different then we thought they would be. And that’s what happened with this little novella with recipes. Or recipes with short stories.

There is another book in the series – Submission is not Enough. I’ve had a hard time with it. Theo’s been through a lot and right now, I don’t have the stomach to go through it with him.

So instead for now, I’m going to go on a ride with a woman who’s sidekick is a little demon named Zee.

I know it’s not Monday, but how about some ManCandy? I can’t have REAL candy anymore, obviously, but this man satisfies my sweet tooth.


I love this picture and I don’t know why.