never taken such JOY in a Christmas tree as I have in this one, this year.

Continued where Zee natters on and on and on


Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas and I love Christmas trees and I love going out at night to look at various homes decorated while listening to Christmas Carols. Spawn loves it. I love it.

but this year…


There is a beloved Christmas train around it. Hard to see…


I have taken JOY in a tree. And it wasn’t an expensive tree. It was actually, rather cheap. And it’s not real – of course, real ones make me ill. So this one I will use over and over until the branches bend too far down and the so not real pine needles turn yellow and fall off like it’s real.

And I have plenty of decorations left over. For real.


That’s only part. I have an entire box or two above these!

I’m considering becoming an ‘excessive’ American and buying – you guessed it – a SECOND tree for the dining room. Really. A green one instead of white. Next year. Maybe tall and narrow. You see, I obviously love a white tree. I’ve had one now since… 1998. White corded lights so the cord doesn’t show. But the problem is, I also have white ornaments and many of them. I didn’t put a lot of them on this year because, well because



you can’t SEE them. And I have some that are dear to me.


There are 6 of her. My grandmother crocheted – obviously. I have quite a bit of her hooked love. The last year she was alive, she decided to make angel toppers for her grandchildren. She started with the youngest – my sister – and worked her way up. She finished the last one – mine – in August, while at the family reunion. One of my cousins admired it and so she gave it to her, thinking she had time to make another one for me. Sadly, she became very ill on the way home and never got to mine. She passed away between my son’s birthday and mine, just before Christmas.

A few years before, she made my mother 6 small angels for her tree, so after Grandma passed away, she gave them to me. I’m fine with this most of the time, as I have a topper that I love. Of course, if/when I get a second tree, I’m going to wish painfully that I had that angel topper.

Somewhere in my stash (still unfound.) are two small crocheted teddy bears that were made Spawn’s first Christmas. Both bears have little hearts stitched on their chests, for obvious reasons.

There is also this…


This is Gus. Some of you might recognize Gus. Cinderella was rereleased the year Spawn was born and Burger King was giving Cinderella ornaments away. Gus was being given away Thanksgiving weekend. I have two.

My dad got them. When I announced my pregnancy, it would be an understatement to say that no one in my family was very happy for me. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances and issues, but eventually, things settled down. Except for Dad. We’d ask him – so Dad. What’s the baby going to call you? To which he would reply, The baby can call me Mr. T—–. 

That was his answer for 7 months. He can call me Mr. T—–. 

And then baby got here and he was so sick. We didn’t know when – or if, to be honest – we’d ever get to bring him home.

So I crawl out of the hospital bed to go up to NICU to look again and again and there is my dad, standing in front of the window and he is praying. When he finished I asked him – Dad? What’s the baby going to call you?

And he said – I don’t care. Just so long as he calls me. 

There are other things that have brought me joy this holiday, in addition to the tree.


Hard to see, but there are optic lights on his branch hands and around the sign.


And this year, I ‘inherited’ a few more things that belonged to my mom and dad. Folks, I’d like to introduce you to…


RuDuck and his sisters, Prissy and Prunella. Mom says somewhere, she has Christmas hats and capes for them and when she finds them, they’re mine as well.

I’m off to clean up William Edward. I want to get him posted before Spawn and I go to see Rogue One tonight.