Isn’t due for a few more weeks, but there are things… I have such a to do list.

I see me spending more time than I thought at the parents over the holidays. The original plan was 5 days. I might stay 7 to 10 now. For reasons.

When we come home, the Christmas decorations are going to take a hit seriously. I have BLUE tinsel garland. This stuff is soooo 70’s. I suspect that’s how long it’s been hanging around. I know it has. I have pictures of it on our family Christmas tree in the mid- 70’s. Remember me whining about how things come my way when my mother no longer has use for it??? I have the white, rose and burgundy satin ornaments from my first adult tree. That would be the tree I put up in my first apartment. They are not doing well – the satin hair is loose. I also have the red and white striped ones my mom put on our flocked tree in the EARLY 70’s. Like when I was in elementary school. Bye b bye. Buh-bye. Really. I have stuff that just needs to go.

The plan is to purchase three large rubbermaid containers and all of my stuff will go in it. The ornament box is shot. It’s got to be 30 years old and it’s coming apart. I decided I was done decorating and I’ll be danged if I didn’t find MORE stuff. I have FIVE Christmas toppers. That’s just too many! It means I should decorate more trees. My mother will put up 14 trees in her house! Yes, most are of the short variety and she gathers them so they look like a tiny forest, but I’m not my mother.

I decorated a TABLE this year. i’ve never decorated a table.

omgimturningintomymother. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Please! I need Richard Therapy!

I finished one book in my challenge for this month. I have 2 I’m reading and I’m having a VERY difficult time with the 2nd one. Bad to the point, I’m ready to go to the last chapter and read it so I know he’s okay and healthy and just move on. I’ll discuss that later.

And considering my week this week and the next few weeks coming up, I’m going to finish this little challenge right this minute.

  • 46:What is your favorite thing to drink when you read? Hot Tea. Maybe.
  • 47:What do you do to get out of a reading slump? Write. Organize my books. Actually, I don’t get in a slump. I might have little to no time, but I don’t slump.
  • 48:Where is your favorite place to read? My comfy chair!!!!

lr 12

  • 49:When is your favorite time to read? – You know, I can read ANYTIME, but normally these days, most reading is done at bedtime in bed.
  • 50:Why do you love to read? You know, I can’t remember NOT reading. I was read to and I read to my son. I liked books more than people. My mom said when the house was the most chaotic, I would disappear somewhere quiet – usually the closet with a flashlight and a book. I don’t LIKE all that noise going on. I like a peaceful home, good food, warm fire and somewhere comfortable to curl up. Reading took me places, took me away from the chaos going on in the real world. I made friends in my books, found friendship, love, yes, conflict, and resolution. I went places I’ve never been and visited times and historical figures I’ll never be able to go to, without a time machine. There a worlds out there, cultures, species… all at the turn of a page. And maybe that’s escapism, but it’s mine and it’s kept me sane. I was between jobs when Spawn had his big open heart surgery. I read so much Snape/Granger fanfiction. I did. okay, I read a LOT of Snape fanfiction, but mostly Snape/Granger and if that makes me a bad person, well… judgmental much? But that’s why I love to read.

Today is my quiet day. Meaning, today is the day I get in the floor with the pillows with my Reading Warrior Princesses. I do my lesson planning. I’ll do grades. They need to be done before we leave in 9 days and i’m not grading after next week, so I’m just going to go for it. I need to do my data graphs baneofmyexistence. Such is.

So maybe it isn’t my quiet day. But it’s my quieter day. After warm temps the last few days – it got to 78 yesterday – Friday’s high will be 51 and the low will be 31. I’m declaring a pajama day on Saturday where I will utilize my comfy chair and read.

Oh, and just cuz…