but happy, nonetheless.

My tree is finally up. It has taken days to decorate it. Really. It went up Sunday. Things started going on it Monday. I should have had it done in an hour.

Sadly, a stomach bug has laid me low. So it’s been put together a few ornaments at a time.

It is NOT the prettiest tree I’ve had. It is not the thematically correct. There isn’t a story behind most of the ornaments. What it is, is what I love.


I have 3 wreaths. I can’t hang them. Well, ONE might go on my laundry room door, but due to the way the screen door hangs, no wreath on the door. This little guy fits perfect.


Yes, there is coal in that sack. My mom has one – 364 days of fun, 1 day of coal? I’ll take my chances. I hope to get that someday!

2/3rds of my decorations are going back in the garage. I’m just getting tired of decorating. I’m one of these, if it’s not done in 2 hours – including the tree, well too bad, so sad. I”m still going to completely set my table. Gad, I have a crapload of glassware.

And I’m realizing I have a love for snowmen. Funny as I live in the tropics.


I have an abundance of snowmen. And Beanie Babies. I needed to start with a clean house. That might have helped things.

My tree this year, is an eclectic mess. In the past I’ve had 2 trees – the white formal one and then a real tree with Spawn’s ornaments and such. Of course, I’m allergic to the real tree and believe it or not, I don’t have room for TWO trees, so we just have the white and I put on it what I felt like. This is my first tree since 2009. As a result….



Victorian Shoes and purses, from my fashionista era – just after Spawn was born.


Music galore.


Pretty, delicate blue ornaments. I like blue. (Love purple, but blue is just peaceful)



More snowmen. Really.


This SS Minnow is parked in my tree.


No tree is complete without a nutcracker.


Lighthouses. I has them.


I also has Angels. My house is full of them all year round.


What tree wouldn’t be complete without a partridge?


More music. (There’s a piano on there as well.


Snoopy. Love Snoopy.


This is the only surviving ornament from a set I got for Spawn when he was 2. He was always my cookie monster.


MORE lighthouses. Those suckers are heavy.


The fun will begin with her – when we take DOWN the tree and hunt for her and her 5 sisters. She’s only an inch tall.


She is my love. She was on my first tree, when I was 3 weeks old and she’s been on pretty much every tree since. I cried when my mother gave her to me when I moved out into my first apartment. She needs a light and we’ve had problems finding a bulb. I can’t believe nowhere around here carries replacement decoration bulbs. We might spend my birthday going through Target and Home Depot and Lowe’s…


It doesn’t look like I have a lot on the tree, but I do. It’s really loaded. Maybe it would have looked better had I felt better when I decorated.

Spawn’s train will go up tomorrow. The cats will be pissed. They won’t be allowed to ride it.