Spawn had a hard time with some words. Not many, but some, when he was a little thing. ‘L’. ‘L’s became ‘M’s. Mikeum. His name was Mikeum. He was 13 months old his 2nd Christmas and we took him out to see the lights. Mom would put him on her lap as we drove really slow through a neighborhood and when we passed a house with lights, he lit up…. ooooooooooooooh Miss-Mas! It’s something he and I have done ever since. I remember the holidays when we were really broke and we would go out every night to a new neighborhood in the area and listen to Christmas Music on the radio and look at lights. We were rather peeved when we moved further south and discovered hardly NO ONE decorated. For real.

But right now, my dining room looks like a disaster. I can’t find my garland – 5 long golden strands of music notes – or worst – my Christmas Tree Angel Topper. She’s not very pretty, but she’s been on top of every tree since I was born. 3 weeks old. Needless to say, I’m rather fond of her.

So, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – decorating…


That’s one Christmas train. We have two. I don’t remember us having two. Both are G scale. I guess we’ll put the other one up in Spawn’s cave or under the dining room table.

Speaking of…


Hopefully, somewhere in all of that. No, the tree topper on the chair is NOT the angel I’m looking for.

No, StormTrooper. These are not the Angels you’re looking for. 


There is a dining room table under all of that.

Somehow, I’ve scored one of my mother’s center pieces. It’s gorgeous. I have no idea how to put it together. Really.

I DID find this…


Santa Moose!

One year, I was rather depressed so Santa Moose stayed up in the sunroom of our home down in Brunswick for the entire year. He kinda faded. Oh well. 😦  He’s still pretty chirpy.

I have batteries to replace and I’ve not plugged up what lights I’ve found. Somehow, the fake Canadian Geese came home with me and I’ll get them set up in the yard. RuDuck and his sisters, Prissy and Prunella.

I still owe y’all beefcake.



Hoping in a day or two to have some REAL pictures of a decorated house for you!