for the Thanksgiving feast and festivities. I had planned to clean and decorate Monday through Wednesday (today) however, my Monday and Tuesday were taken up with work, I’m usually exhausted now when I get home, thanks go construction and my commute taking on an average of 90 minutes, so no, house cleaning ISN”T in the cards one bit and today, we’ve been cleaning and packing. Christmas decorating will take place next week, I suppose. At least my cave looks pretty good.



is now THIS…


Due to the fact that one of the neighborhood streets deadends LITERALLY across from my driveway so anyone can look into my cave, especially when it’s dark and my lights are on (and we have no less than FIVE school buses that come through between 6 and 7 AM) my view actually looks like this most of the time.


Not the most pleasing of views, but now in the mornings when I’m up early, I can sit naked in peace in my chair.

I know. TMI.

Told you I had a lot of albums.


The baskets and boxes on top and in the corner are my unpacked CDs.

Need to locate my Christmas CDs. I have a TON of Christmas cassettes and I know where they are, but right now, I have nada to play them on. 😦

I should have this room massively decorated this time next week. And yes, I’ll spam you with pictures (even tho I’m sure most of you could care less) I’m looking forward to putting up my tree for the first time since 2009.

Spawn and I leave in the EARLY wee hours of the morning to head to the family compound in the next state over. After dinner, we’ll drive to my parents and stay through Sunday. We’ll come home Sunday afternoon and then I have 3 weeks and 2 days before the Winter Holidays. In that time span, I have 3 concerts, a performance and a retirement luncheon. Also decorating the house.

I have so much to be thankful for and I am. My family loves me – and no that isn’t a given anymore in these times. But they do. My son is here and is looking forward to FINALLY starting college and he’s hoping to purchase a car next month. He’ll be 29 on Friday. I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic about that and as a result, I wrote and uploaded a new Shepherd installment that reflects that. There is a small scene it that ACTUALLY played out in my life on the night I went into labor with him. I have the bestest of friends, a home – not really my own, but my own. A roof, good food, good friends. The bills are paid on time every month and if I’m tight waddy enough, there is a little left over. Not much, but something. The car runs, has heat and air, the weather is nice, so right now, the ac is off and the doors are open. I have books and music and knitting and someday, I’ll learn to crochet…. oh and cross stitch and scrapbooking. Things to keep me occupied. Someday, I’ll find a home church, but God resides here regardless and the beach is close by. Life is good. I am truly blessed.

Speaking of blessed… if you’ve not seen this man’s peaches….



I’m VERY thankful for those perfectly sculpted peaches.

Happy Thanksgiving