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The Wraith in the Mist


Somewhere along the line

972 years later.

My Lord! King Durin! We found something!”

Durin VII strode through the fallen rocks to the rotted doors of the burial chamber. The features of the sons of Durin was strong in this dwarf, nothing soft about him. Behind him, the sounds of excavating rang through the caverns. The Dwarves of Erebor were finally reclaiming their ancestral home. He looked into the chamber and stepped in.

Orcs!” He stepped up to the first skeleton that was more dust than bone. He gave the skull a mighty kick, sending it flying across the room. “Goblins!” By now, there were no longer orcs or goblins on earth, but the ancient tomes spoke of their evilness. He stepped up to the tomb. A thick layer of dust covered the crypt and he held his breath as he wiped it off.

Balin. Son of Fundin, Lord of Moria.” A gasp rose behind him as he spoke the words aloud. “Mahal’s Beard. You did live and breathe. The tales and myths are true.” He slowly strode around the sarcophagus, stopping to look long at Ori, a broken slingshot in his lap. The wood had petrified, the sling, long rotted away, giving the weapon a more sinister look. “Why would a dwarf be armed with only a slingshot?” He moved on down, finding another body at the foot of the tomb. There was an ancient, delicate leather bound book in his hands, an over-turned bottle by his side. “I believe our friend here went out a much happier dwarf than when he came in.” He squatted down and gently pried the book from the skeleton’s hands.

Setting it gently on the tomb, he squinted, reading the last few pages. With a sad smile, he leaned over to address the body. “Well done, Dwalin, son of Fundin, brother of Balin and friend to Thorin Oakenshield. Rest well in the Halls of our Fathers. I look forward to meeting you and our legendary kin at a much later time.” He shut the book and picking it up, careful as to not damage it, he called his guard to him. “Find Frerin! I have a book for him to transcribe!” The guards followed him through the doors. “Seal this door, seal the cavern. It is a holy place, a resting place for honored dwarves. Let them sleep.”


And with that, Durin VII, left the chamber and never looked back.


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