I have come home to do my civic duty – among a few other things. Full day and then that long drive back tonight. I’ll be so glad when this over. Of course, for the next 4 years there will be unending whining from either or both sides. I have said it many places – I weep for my country. How have we come to this?

For those who haven’t seen, Aside from Heaven has been updated. It’s not pretty. Depending on my mood, The Shepherd will be updated tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday. I’m not satisfied with it. It needs some… chain jerking. You’ll see what I mean then and no it’s probably NOT what you think.

I owe you beefcake.

I want cheesecake, but my blood sugar has skyrocketed out of the stratosphere since Former Suitor became The Douchebag. I need to sit down and have a long chat with someone, get straightened out. My mom asked me if I’d gained my weight back. No. I’m just wearing looser clothing. But if I don’t do something, I WILL be gaining weight back and my doctor is going to do more than read me the riot act.

I have a student – okay, I think I’ve made it pretty clear our babies struggle with reading. I have a student, a 3rd grader, who has come to me every morning before school, asking if he can read to me. We started yesterday. I figured he’d bring me the current book he was working on.

He pulls his Children’s Little Golden Bible out of his backpack. It’s really big. He says – there’s ONLY 500 pages….


I told him we’d read the first chapter (2 pages) today and he’ll practice a chapter for a day and come back the day after that. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some of those words are REALLY big. Shoot, I have problems with some of them! But it really did my heart good when he said – there’s ONLY 500 pages.

There is no test, there is nothing here, but reading for pleasure, which is something I promote. we aren’t promoting a religious experience…I didn’t tell him to bring in his bible and I’m not interpreting it for him. There is no discussion – except how to you pronounce Euphrates. Yes, my little sweetie who is struggling with reading is tackling big words not of this country or culture.

Now, I’m heading out with my parents. We have several things to do today.

Including…. that.


Here. Have some Richard.