And now we look forward to Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to going home and spending time with family and eating a lot of mashed potatoes. I gripe about so much, but I’m truly blessed and am thankful for that – a loving family, an awesome son, great friends, a roof over the head, food in the pantry.

I know I have food in the pantry, my blood sugar has gone through the roof over my head! For real. I fear I’ve fallen off the wagon. I need to climb back on it.

Last night, we had a neighborhood of trick or treaters. I bought 6 bags, thinking that would be enough candy. At 7:30, we were down to about 15 pieces, so Spawn went out and bought 4 more bags. Would you believe the little costumed rug rats disappeared at 8. I think I gave out 3 more pieces of candy and that was it.

And not a clown in sight.

Someone decked out their lawn trailer with orange lights and attached it to their golf cart and went driving around the neighborhood – along with the police. We had our own personal cruiser. Whoo hoo!

But still, I’ve never seen the streets just clear out at 8 PM. Oh well.

Either way, my upper grades are singing odes to mashed potatoes and rapping about eating turkey. Go figure.

Either way – it’s time for Zee Reads.

This is bad.


I’ve had these for a while. The .99 bin has been good to me and I want to say one of them was a freebie, which is why I bought the other 2.

I read all three, discovered there was a 4th and went to grab it, but somewhere the publisher – or author – seem to think the ebook is worth nine bucks. Uhm… no. The ONLY person I pay that sort of money to buy their books is Jeri Westerson.

And in the process of hunting it, I discovered something that wasn’t overtly obvious when I read them.

These are Christian romances. That’s not an issue. The 2 I’m reading THIS month – it IS an issue and I’ll bring it up then.

Always the Baker – the Baker has Diabetes. Can you imagine, baking confections and not being able to taste test? The Wedding Designer’s New York Couture Line is getting ready to go belly up and she’s catering to Bridezilla, And the Wedding Planner…. is planning an ex boyfriend’s wedding…

What they are are really sweet romances – nice and pink – with no sex. (See ‘cozy mystery’) but they do focus on the plot and the characters and they are rather humorous.

What they DON’T do is beat you over the head with God. These people can go to the bathroom without praying for an easy time of it.

And that IS an issue next month. But that’s next month.



YES! SCORE! Again, we have a Taggart in the hot seat! And the ending we’ve been looking for since Master No finally arrives!!!!

No, I”m not telling you because if ARE (All Romance Ebooks) can get it’s act together, I’m buying the next one and I’ll read and review it next month. If NOT… well, I’ll have to wait….

(Basically, rather than download the book to my harddrive, so I can put it where I want, they want to send it to my kindle email or my fire – and I don’t HAVE a kindle email.)

And last…


It was Halloween, so I decided I needed to read a Shifter romance. Bad mistake. Choppy, hard to follow at times… she has a listing of books and this is her first one. If she’s improved…. who knows. I have a load of books I want to read.

I have completed 45 books of my 50 for my year challenge. Go me. I can get 5 in the next 2 months. Or at least I should.

Here. Have some Richard.