My son is irate. He is afraid we don’t have enough candy for trick or treaters tomorrow. We have a large neighborhood and I suspect we’ll be hit with lots of little and not so little tykes with bags and such.

We have 6 bags of candy. That SHOULD suffice.

My house did NOT get cleaned this weekend. It never gets cleaned. I”m ready to toss stuff in boxes, take them ALL out and start all over.

Or bags. Hmmmmm.

I’ve been in a dark mood as of late. I’ve written a dark chapter for The Shepherd – Guy tells Gen how his father obtained that crucifix and I have most of the next installment of Aside from Heaven complete – in which William pulls off quite the stunt of the century… while doing nasty things to someone who, quite frankly, deserved nasty things…

I need pizza. I need ManFlesh…

So… here we are – Sunday Beefcake, now with more skin.



None of it mine, obviously, thanks to the makers