I’m downloading karaoke for the Pumpkin Carols we’re singing next week.

Uhm…. the tunes are recognizable.

Deck the patch with orange and blaaaaaaaaaaaack

Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la la la laaaaa….

You get the drift. Trying to FIND karaoke without background singing is impossible. Same with trying to find it without jingle bells…. we’ll just have to deal.

Also, I kinda dropped the ball on Sunday beefcake. Less leather, more skin. I’ll strive to do better… in a day or two. Right now, I’m doing a LOT of sleeping and I have meetings tonight. I won’t clock out until 6:30. There’s a bunch of brohaha with that. No PTA president, no newsletter, I was informed Monday I had to prepare 2 performances for tonight. Oh yeah, this is going to go down in the record books. Epic Fail.

And beyond miffed about a situation. I think I fixed that however…

Oh it’s HUMP DAY! Humpita humpita…. my lovely day, sandwiched between two awful days… I need 10 days to recover from the 10 days we lost.

Speaking of lost… school has several trees down, playground equipment down and 30 feet of awning and posts and brick wall AND wood porch/deck GONE! I’m surprised we didn’t lose any fencing. There is – or was – debris in the fencing. Nasty….

Have some Richard.