I return to work tomorrow. After a week and a half off, I still didn’t get my house clean or my toes done or waxed or any lesson planning or my cutesy game cards that will tie in with the literacy plans… none of it. I still haven’t watched Berlin Station.

But I did finish the beta work on Wraith in the Mist and I’ve gotten it IMG and HTML tagged. I started posting it. Now for some Guy. Or Gary.

Someone chopped down the tree in the yard and dragged it to the curb. Wood chippers are supposed to be coming around next week so we’ll see. They also took the limbs that were down to the pile as well.

I have bought a pumpkin. Note: I will not CARVE the pumpkin, it’s just out. I went on a hunt for my Halloween decorations and only found my wicker pumpkins. Somewhere, I have 2 ceramic ones (painted purple and black) and some lovely hang up ghosts that will make spooky noises, light up, and wiggle. Looks great in trees. AND there is the door hanger with the head that sings ‘I ain’t got No Body’ when you approach it. There are also the festive pumpkin lights! I have seen these over the summer. Now I need to FIND them.

I bought two pots of purple mums. Spawn took pictures. They look pink! Let’s see how long they last.

For those of you who have kitties, do not buy the Kroger brand of wet cat food. Lovesy or some such. Prissy Puss turned her nose up at it, but Fat Boy hasn’t seen a dish of food he didn’t like – at least for 30 minutes. Unfortunately – while I was in the shower – he chose to use my bed – with the pile of clean clothes on it – to chuck up both cans. My shirts, my sheets and worst of all – my quilt – will HAVE to go to the laundry mat. I’m most unhappy.

Worst of all, he now has an empty stomach and has been in the laundry room screaming like he’s in heat for food.

So. Not. Happening.

On Friday, I inundated y’all with book covers of beefcake. As it was GuyDay, I decided the tonight’s beefcake will be dedicated to our lovely man in leather.


I’ve spent 30 minutes watching this, looking for boxer and Fruit of the Loom lines….

So far. No dice.


Oh Sir Guy….

I need to go to bed. I have to be up and… go to work in the morning. Meh.