We go back to school Monday. I’ve not been allowed to go in a day early to plan or do grades. I’m irate about this. We’ll hit the  ground running and Monday and Tuesday are fairly full days for me. I’m getting things to print ready. I have music games and flash cards to cut and paste and laminate and the ‘boards’ need to be colored. I’m going to let my 3rd grade do that. I’ve ordered dice and game pieces. We’re all set. My room is becoming what I want it to be! It’s about damn time. Kids are going to be wild. Absolutely wild.

At any given time there are 4 electrical power trucks in our neighborhood. People are starting to burn wood and I’m told by early next week, the tree disposal people will start driving by. Our trash company has told everyone to use their recycle bin (which is as big and looks just like the trash bin except it say – RECYCLE – as a trash bin and they will take double next week.

I threw away 250.00 in groceries yesterday. Yes, I cried, big huge ass tears. That included some luscious boneless pork ribs I was going to grill up Sweet Korean Short Rib style. Then we went to the store. Hurts like a Mo-Fo. DFACS is giving out 50.00 food vouchers Monday morning. Spawn will be taking me to school and then go down and get in line.

We’re almost unpacked. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find the power cord to TWO of my externals. I have one more bag and if it’s not in it, I’ll contact Western Digital about buying 2 power cords and pray they aren’t expensive.

Also on Monday, I will begin posting ‘A Wraith in the Mist.’ Dwalin goes on a walk about. Guess with who.


This means I have to finish the beta work and then html tag it. Tonight. I then need to load it at my Dreamworks in rough so I can make sure it’s done right.

Things went wonky with my computer while I was gone – it lost my internal wifi driver –  as in it told me I didn’t have one and there was no mention of it anywhere on my programs or harddrive, so it took a ‘refresh’ to fix it. Meaning all my docs were saved but I had to redownload everything including my PC Kindle – that which has been giving me fits since Windows upgraded from XP. It’s really irritating to have so many problems with it – it doesn’t want to keep my 145 folders, it doesn’t want to download a lot of books, I have too many, it’s too heavy…

wanking bullshit.

In the brohaha of downloading and refiguring, I’ve found a few more places that does free books. Freebooksy – I go EVERY morning as soon as I get up without fail. There are like 25 to 30 free books all types and sizes. And good ones too.

And in trying to reset up my kindle, I’ve noticed something rather odd…



I mean really odd…



All of a sudden –


I’m getting books – free of course


with men



with rippling abs


An 8 pack


And tats galore


it doesn’t matter where they’re from


and sometimes they’re holding babies, but that’s not very often


And sometimes they shift…

It’s not a series, it’s not the same author. I wonder if they’re using the same publishing or marketing firm. It’s not like I’m going to really notice all the testosterone…

From Sanctum with Love

Okay that’s a lie. But you’ll notice the ‘new’ banner across the tops of all those. That means I’ve not opened them. I probably won’t. See, I prefer my bottle testosterone to be…

Well if she’s wearing a REALLY big dress…


And isn’t really scrawny…

if the male on the cover is in Regency wear… with fuss on the cuffs…


Please don’t ask me why I find that a turn on…


Or he has longish hair…


or she’s in a really big dress….

or he’s kilted… and there are rocks in the background..



or a castle…


If there are swords or chain maille… changes are good they’re going to go into my ‘to be read asap’ folder and someday, I will get to them.


Uhm… that would be an example of hot male in chain maille.

Then again…

Dungeon ROyale


Where was I…. OH!

I’ve gotten a bit of reading done, believe it or not. I’ve finished the 11th book of Masters and Mercenaries. All these beautiful, blond people. Meh. But still a really good one.

Which brings me to this.

  • 22:Pro or anti e-readers? Definitely Pro. Why?  Behold! pc-kindle
  • This would be my PC Kindle that I’m having such difficulties with. You can see why. I have yet to open up my PC Nook and start reloading it. But I will. Suffice to say, there is probably about close to the same amount on it when I”m through. Which I”m never through…
  • book-external
  • Uhm. More disgust – this is my book external. Obviously, I have a problem. Problem being it is time for me to start BURNING things as back up to cds, zipping things together to load them into clouds or whatnot for additional back up and then trimming the access (everything deleted on the harddrive that isn’t kindle or nook) to make some room for more of these shenanigans. And yes I share so if you want to be in my mailing list, please contact me at the usual places.
  • Please tell me WHEN do I have time to read???
  • Really tbh, I think this is a form of hoarding.


  • 23:Bookdepository or Amazon? There’s somewhere beside Amazon??? (Well yeah, I know there is…. but I see a NEW place to shop! WHOOT!


  • 24:Do you prefer to buy books online or in a bookshop? That’s a no brainer.

Today is GuyDay. I think I’ll add him on Sunday Beefcake as I seem to have turned this installment of Zee’s Mental Meanderings into some sort of Beefcake.

  • 1: What book did you last finish? When was that? 
  • 2:What are you currently reading?
  • 3:What book are you planning to read next?
  • 4:What was the last book you added to your tbr?
  • 5:Which book did you last re-read?
  • 6:Which book was the last one you really, really loved?
  • 7:What was/were the last book/books you bought?
  • 8:Paperback or hardcover? Why?
  • 9:YA, NA or Adult? Why?
  • 10:Sci-Fi or fantasy? Why?
  • 11:Classic or modern? Why?
  • 12:Political memoirs or comedic memoirs?
  • 13:Name a book with a really bad movie/tv adaption
  • 14:Name a book where the movie/tv adaption actually was better than the original
  • 15:What book changed your life?
  • 16:If you could bring three books to a deserted island which would you bring and why?
  • 17:If you owned a bookshop what would you call it?
  • 18:Which character from a book is the most like you?
  • 19:Which character from a book is the least like you?
  • 20:Best summer read?
  • 21:Best winter read?
  • 22:Pro or anti e-readers? Why?
  • 23:Bookdepository or Amazon?
  • 24:Do you prefer to buy books online or in a bookshop?
  • 25:If you could be a character from a book for just one day who would you be and why? (Bonus: any specific day in the story?)
  • 26:If you could be a character from a book for their entire life who would you be and why?
  • 27:If you could change one thing about mainstream literature what would you change? (i.e. more diversity, better writing, better plot etc.)
  • 28:How many books have you read so far this year?
  • 29:How do you sort your shelves? (i.e. by color, author, title etc.)
  • 30:Who’s your favorite author?
  • 31:Who’s your favorite contemporary author?
  • 32:Who’s your favorite fantasy author?
  • 33:Who’s your favorite Sci-Fi author?
  • 34:List five OTPs
  • 35:Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated
  • 36:Name a book you consider to be terribly overrated
  • 37:How many books are actually in your bookshelf/shelves right now?
  • 38:What language do you (most often) read in?
  • 39:Name one of your favorite childhood books
  • 40:Name one of your favorite books from your teenage years
  • 41:Do you own a library card? How often do you use it?
  • 42:Which was the best book you had to read in school?
  • 43:Are you the kind of person who reads several books at once or the kind of person who can only read one book at a time?
  • 44:Do you like to listen to music when you read?
  • 45:What is your favorite thing to eat when you read?
  • 46:What is your favorite thing to drink when you read?
  • 47:What do you do to get out of a reading slump?
  • 48:Where is your favorite place to read?
  • 49:When is your favorite time to read?
  • 50:Why do you love to read?