A bit late but still here. Not much to talk about…

Ya know what I love??? Free books. Really. Ya know what I DON’T love??? The 5th book in a series for free and the 4 previous are a bit pricey for an ebook. Really. As of this minute, there are only THREE authors I’m willing to pay more than .99 for. And I budget for those purchases.

And I’d like to know why anyone would think 29.99 for an EBOOK is completely acceptable? If I’m going to pay that much for a book, by golly, it’s going to be a real book that takes up space on the bookshelf and weighs plenty in my hands that many trees were murdered to create!

We are going home tomorrow. Praying there will be ELECTRICITY! I’m hearing rumors they are saying it could be a week. As long as the pilot light is still lit in my hot water, we will have showers. I guess we’ll just be grilling until then.


There will be beefcake and reading questions later today as well.

But for now – Zee Reads.


4th (and most recent book) in the series. But it was written in 2012 and I’m wondering if there will be more. I read the first 3 last year during my huge challenge and set it (among other series) aside in order to complete the challenge. For those who don’t remember, it takes place during the time the Romans were in charge of Britain… Briton? My biggest beef with the series is I have a hard time with the names. As in keeping up with them. I hope there will be more.


I came for the Crispin, stayed for the Jack. Let me rephrase that. This is the 9th book in the series. It was a series I DIDN”T set aside last year. Sir Crispin Guest, who could easily be a descendant of our favorite Black Knight, has seen many changes in his life, thanks to a charge of treason. The Crispin in this book is NOT the same Crispin of the original. He’s grown as a character – as has his apprentice, Jack. Jack has been that empty spot in the series – we don’t know much about his past, except Crispin rescued him from the slums of London – and reluctantly at that. No family, no much of anything. A cutpurse, a starving urchin. But Jack has grown up as well by now and a bit of his past is alluded to – as is his future. The characters continue to grow in this series and for the first time, Sir Crispin is forced to rely on his young apprentice. Jeri is one of the THREE authors I’m willing to pay more than .99 for!

There are hormones involved as well, but that’s another story…

And last but not least…


The 2nd author I’m willing to pay more than .99 for. This series has been rather light-hearted and humorous – until now. Shit got real. Beloved characters (I hate to use the term ‘people’ in this series) die and we discover that yes – those in the Afterlife have feelings and can have drug problems.

And the Grim Reaper is truly a sadistic bastard.

I am currently reading the THIRD author I’m willing to pay more than .99 for. But you’ll find out about that one in a few weeks, when I’m hopefully back on track. It’s funny, I typically lose interest in a series after 3 books. The characters don’t grow and it easily becomes formula. These three authors grow their characters, so they don’t get stagnant. I admit (and Guylty will testify to this) that while the Lexi Blake Masters and Mercenaries is formula writing, the writing itself is good and the plot development most excellent. In recent books, I’ve noticed (and appreciated) that there is less focus on the very hot sex and more of what is going on in the plot. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the very hot sex…


Here. Have some Richard.