School has been cancelled for the entire week. There is no power in most of the city and the outer most island took a twelve and a half foot storm surge. Spawn and I plan on going back tomorrow, but that’s up in the air. With me having no work this week, we might wait until Tuesday or Wednesday and go home preparing to clean and dump the frig. I’m tight on funds on restocking the frig, so the later the better, I suspect. As of this afternoon, we still had no power.

Of course, unless the state or feds step in, I see our Thanksgiving break and our Christmas break torn to shreds. Oh well. You pay for your vacations.

On a more somber note, I’ve been thinking about Beefcake. I feel the need to post a disclaimer.

While I’ve been known to at times joke about smacking an ass, I would never smack one without permission. I would never grab any body part not my own, unless that touch was welcomed. However if a man is going to openly pose in a gratuitous manner, you betcher bra I’m going to ogle. Let the ogling begin. After all, they worked hard to get oiled up for our viewing pleasure.


Sorry. 2 breaks here. I tried to delete the one I had and it said no, here, have another.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday