with great fear that I watch the weather map.

My former SIL and eldest nephew haven’t been heard from. They’re in Jacksonville. My uncle and cousins in Jacksonville have headed inland. We have friends up and down the coast in Florida. My sister has a high school friend still in Savannah. Someone offered him a ride out, but told him to leave his furbabies. (not me.) He refused. (don’t blame him) He’s got everything powered up and fully charged and has water saved in the tub. Several flashlights and batteries.

The governor of Georgia has evacuated all 6 coastal counties. The islands of Savannah are not expected to fare well. And even tho I am inland, my county is under a Hurricane Watch.

Matthew has been upgraded to a Cat 4 again. Sustained winds of 140 MPH. Wing span 180 miles. I hope I have a home to go back to. It’s going to batter the southern coast for 40 hours.

A news crew was on the boardwalk that Former Suitor and I walked in Daytona a few months back. People were walking their young children on the beach – and the news crew was saying very unkind things about them, including questioning their parenting skills. I was questioning them as well.

We are at my mom’s. I have taken massive meds and have spent the day in bed with hot tea and a fat kitty who purrs very loudly. Spawn’s Girly Girl has remained under his bed and hisses at all feet that walk by. Packing them up on Sunday will be a difficult task.

I checked my blood sugar this morning. Wished I hadn’t.

Wraith in the Mist has a release date – October 17. I have no clue at this time how many chapters it will have, just that it will update on Mondays.

Tomorrow is Guy of Gisborne’s 10th birthday. Okay, not really but….


Somewhere today, someone did a bulge collage. I need to find what I did with it….