Yer a nasty bugger.

School has already been cancelled for me for the rest of the week. That’s fine as I’ve been struggling with an URI for a couple of days. I came home early today, went to bed and woke up to discover the power was off. As of 10:30, Georgia Power had no clue when it would get turned back on so Spawn and I are holed up at the Motel 6, watching possible impact points for this hurricane. We are going home in the morning to pack up and head to the interior for the rest of the week into the weekend. Praying my trash still in my garage will be safe.

So I get to be sick and NOT have to take sick days. Am I good or what??? I’m thinking I’ll actually have time to do the beta work for my Big Bang, which I’ll start posting the week after next.

Also note to self when Richard is being political, just don’t look….