Still blah, still bored.

Took my laptop to work on it (all of my stuff is on it) yesterday and got to work to discover I not only forgot my power cord, but my battery as well.

So I plugged my externals (3 of them) into my tower and forgot them at work. Realized it about 5 minutes from home. (I live an hour from work, so no, there was no turning around to go back.)

Beefcake is on those externals. So is my Zee Reads. Sorry.

Niece is here. We’ve been to breakfast and the beach this morning. It’s been a nice time. She’s currently doing math homework. She just got word she got a 100 on her lab so there is much celebration at this time.

Got up this morning to discover That Man attempted to call me last night (after I went to bed, which quite frankly as WAY early for me.) There was a small spark of hope that maybe he had come to his senses and he wanted to APOLOGIZE for being a douche and try again. Of course, then I checked the voice mail and realized he butt-dialed me and what I got was him ordering dinner at the Chic Fil A Drive through ALONE at 9 PM last night.

His coupon was going to expire. I hope he choked on his waffle fries and sweet tea.

Meh. So much for his final statement that he was removing my contact information from his phone.


And because I’m bored…

Unusual asks. 100 of them. I’m really bored.

  1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?  Huh? None of them, I guess.
  2. is your room messy or clean? erm…. well, it’s not neat.
  3. what color are your eyes? – Brown
  4. do you like your name? Yes I do, as a matter of fact!  why? It’s one of a kind, like me, and it’s beautiful, which I’m not but it gives me delusions of grandeur!
  5. what is your relationship status? Very forever single.
  6. describe your personality in 3 words or less. Eclectic, spastic, explosive.
  7. what color hair do you have? Brown. I’ve got SOME white at the right temple, above my ear and recently, I discovered silver in my top part. I blame That Man.
  8. what kind of car do you drive? Toyota Avalon color? Silver
  9. where do you shop? Online. I like Full Beauty, Jessica London, and Woman Within.
  10. how would you describe your style? Comfortable
  11. favorite social media account – Honestly? This one.
  12. what size bed do you have? Sleeping single in a double bed.
  13. any siblings? 3 of them. Poor buggers.
  14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Honestly, I like where I am right now! I spent the morning at the beach and walked over a mile one way. I THOUGHT I would be moving to Florida in a few years, but that’s not happening ever. why? THE BEACH!!!!
  15. favorite snapchat filter?  huh?
  16. favorite makeup brand(s) IC (According to my sister, it was developed especially for women with rosacia. Honestly tho, I rarely wear makeup.
  17. how many times a week do you shower? At least 4. I have really dry skin and it doesn’t matter WHAT I use, it dries out more if I shower more than that.
  18. favorite tv show? Robin Hood? Deadliest Catch. Boston Public. The jury is still out on Berlin Station.
  19. shoe size? 9 and a half. Wide.
  20. how tall are you? 5 foot almost 5 inches
  21. sandals or sneakers? Definitely Sandals
  22. do you go to the gym? MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I see my doctor Monday. Chances are I will be joining a gym.
  23. describe your dream date. Starts with Richard Armitage showing up at my house with flowers…. it goes downhill from there.
  24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? 440.00
  25. what color socks are you wearing? None. I’ve been to the beach.
  26. how many pillows do you sleep with? 2 to 3.
  27. do you have a job?Yes.  what do you do? I teach do ri me to me re dos
  28. how many friends do you have? I don’t count. Just because I have 633 followers on my Facebook, doesn’t mean they’re my friends. Same with the 576 on Tumblr. But then I have friends on Facebook and Tumblr I very consider my friends, even though I’ve never met them. I have a friend I met on a forum I’m very close to – ‘met’ her back in 2001 – we’ve never met in person. But still…. how many friends to I have? It would be easier to count the grains of sand on Tybee.
  29. whats the worst thing you have ever done? Allowed a freeloader to move in with me.
  30. whats your favorite candle scent? Anything rain or fresh. In the winter, I love pine. I can’t have a real tree, so the fake scents abound in my house all Christmas season!
  31. 3 favorite boy names: Bryce, Michael, Robert
  32. 3 favorite girl names: Genevieve, (duh) Bronwyn, Deidre. (Really.)
  33. favorite actor? Richard Armitage. Duh!
  34. favorite actress? Meryl Streep
  35. who is your celebrity crush? As if you didn’t know…
  36. favorite movie?  The LOTR Trilogy, the Hobbit Trilogy, Second Hand Lions. The Green Mile
  37. do you read a lot? Under normal circumstances – yes! whats your favorite book? The Bible. My favorite authors are Jeri Westerson and Lexi Blake.
  38. money or brains? I can buy brains with money. Okay joking. Brains.
  39. do you have a nickname? Yes. what is it? Zee
  40. how many times have you been to the hospital? 13? 14? I’m including ER for car wrecks and such) For actual over night stays – 4. I think 4.
  41. top 10 favorite songs
    1. It ain’t my Mama’s Broken heart
    2. White Liar
    3. Lips are Moving
    4. Rhapsody in Blue (Gerswin)
    5. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
    6. Toccata and Fugue in d minor (JSB)
    7. Darkness, Darkness (solas)
    8. God and the Devil (Solas)
    9. Any Prelude by Rachmaninoff
    10. Anything by Chopin
  42. do you take any medications daily? I’m diabetic. It’s disgusting what I take daily.
  43. what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) Dry.
  44. what is your biggest fear? That something will happen to my son
  45. how many kids do you want? I HAVE one. He’s all I’ll have. Doctor says my ovaries are as dried up as the desert.
  46. whats your go to hair style? – I have a bob.
  47. what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) Moderate sized 3 bedroom.
  48. who is your role model? My parents
  49. what was the last compliment you received? Someone told me I was beautiful and the love of his life. He lied.
  50. what was the last text you sent? Don’t let me stop you – to my niece who texted me across the table that she needed to find a bathroom. She didn’t want to say it outloud at the restaurant.
  51. how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? 9. I had an inkling the year before, so I made sure I was awake the next year. I kept it secret as I had 3 younger siblings.
  52. what is your dream car? One that doesn’t have an engine light on and has working AC and Heat
  53. opinion on smoking? Totally against it. In fact, it’s a deal breaker in the dating department (not that that’s an issue these days)
  54. do you go to college? I have a Bachelor’s with a degree in Music, an undeclared major in Education, an undeclared minor in History.
  55. what is your dream job? Retired. Won’t happen for 10 years, but 1 month ago, I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it for 15 more years.
  56. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? Suburbs
  57. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Yes I do. I also take the toilet paper.
  58. do you have freckles? On my shoulders!
  59. how many pictures do you have on your phone? Right now, none. I had to empty the chip.
  60. have you ever peed in the woods? Yeppers
  61. do you still watch cartoons? Yes. I teach an opera segment using Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry
  62. do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? Ew.
  63. Favorite dipping sauce? Sweet and Sour
  64. what do you wear to bed? Right now, my favorite jammies are pink, white and black plaid sleeper pants with a grey tee
  65. have you ever won a spelling bee?Nope, but my son has!
  66.  what are your hobbies? Sleeping, bitching, sweating, reading, writing, knitting, cross stitching, scrapbooking
  67. can you draw? No
  68. do you play an instrument? Piano, organ, harpsichord (yes they are very different instruments.) I played cornet in 5th and 6th grade. I know the mechanics of guitar, and the string instruments.
  69. what was the last concert you saw? Oh God… Steve Miller Band and George Thorogood back in… 2000? No! Spawn’s 8th grade orchestra Concert back in 2002.
  70. tea or coffee? – Tea
  71. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Krispy Kreme!
  72. do you want to get married? Not anymore.
  73. what is your crush’s first and last initial? r a kidding?
  74. are you going to change your last name when you get married? Excuse me?
  75. what color looks best on you? Deep jewel tones.
  76. do you miss anyone right now? Very much. Don’t tell him tho.
  77. do you sleep with your door open or closed? Closed. If I don’t, Lord Thunderbutt will walk ON me and purr as obnoxiously as he can at 3 AM wanting me to get up and feed him
  78. do you believe in ghosts? Yes. I talked to one.
  79. what is your biggest pet peeve? I have TWO that will set me off like a rocket. So let’s not go there.
  80. last person you called` My mom
  81. favorite ice cream flavor? French Vanilla
  82. regular oreos or golden oreos? Regular
  83. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Rainbow
  84. what shirt are you wearing? Red Tee
  85. what is your phone background? The red background that came on my new piece of shit phone that I hate and that I can’t figure anything out on because it’s got fucking Windows 10.
  86. are you outgoing or shy?. I PRETEND to be outgoing, but I”m really very shy
  87. do you like it when people play with your hair? Depends on WHO is playing with it.
  88. do you like your neighbors? Yes I do!
  89. do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? Every morning. If I wore makeup, I’ll wash it at night.
  90. have you ever been high? yes (legal meds)
  91. have you ever been drunk? Yes
  92. last thing you ate? Cheese danish
  93. favorite lyrics right now
  94. summer or winter? Winter. And I live on the beach…
  95. day or night? Night
  96. dark, milk, or white chocolate? Milk
  97. favorite month? December
  98. what is your zodiac sign Sagittarius
  99.  who was the last person you cried in front of? My son