I just want y’all to know that I work with some of the most amazing people!

Today, after my very ridiculously full day, during my last class, one of my 3rd graders decided the girl next to him ‘stunk to high heaven’ and proceeded to spray his area of the room (meaning the entire room) with some cheapass, nasty cologne, no doubt mixed in a hidden meth lab and purchased used at one of Satan’s garage sales.

As we know, I have severe asthma and by the time I got a whiff of it, I was down for the count, gasping for air. My lungs completely closed down. 

Several of my girls ran from the room and got 2 of the teachers in the hall. One had a class, but another teacher was in the room and told him there was an emergency and she HAD to go. She got the school nurse, while the other one took control of my darling Rowdy bunch. My emergency inhaler was safely ensconced on my dresser at home, meaning useless to me. SO while the nurse and one teacher helped me to the nurse’s office where I was given a pretty serious breathing treatment, (and reamed out for not having the emergency inhaler with me) the other one took my class and made them read. The teacher who helped me went back to my room, packed up my purse, turned off my computer and had the room locked up and brought my stuff too me.

I am so grateful to all of them and even though they aren’t here, I wanted y’all to know I work with an awesome bunch of people.

I was told my entire class asked about me and was very concerned before they got on the buses. I suspect I will have hand drawn get well cards tomorrow.

My son has promised me dinner. He’s driving. The local German-Thai place is calling my name.