okay, so to be honest, I’m in a much better place today than I was yesterday.And I’ll be in a better place tomorrow than today.

Because yesterday was hell, today was my hell day and tomorrow is Friday.

You know what’s sobering? When you are crying your eyes out in the hallway and your son, who already has his share of challenges hugs you and not only starts praying for your peace of mind and healing of heart, but then prays that The Almighty would smack the immortal piss-fire out of the coward broke up with his mother via text!!!

Talk about cold. Like I said, I’m in a much better place today. I so believe in Kharma. And I truthfully believe that when God takes something out of your hands, he’s going to put something better in them!

This chick rocks the HELL out of break up tunes!

Either way, I’ve been participating in some retail therapy.


I have red pants this will look super cute with!


I don’t have this color and I love shark tail hems!


I’m in bad need of a black turtleneck.

They are telling us we’re in for a cold winter. We had a cold one last winter. Luckily, it only lasted about 6 weeks!

These are bought. I’m LOOKING at this…


Seeing how a large portion of their customers are plus size women, I wish they’d get a plus size model. This chick is a size 2.

A friend of mine wants to set me up with a friend of hers. He’s a professor at a college in the Carolinasย and has a musical background. I just might. Truth is, I just want to clean my house, unpack my books and knit for a while, while I watch Berlin Station.

Yep. Much better place. I’m gonna be okay.

Have some Richard!

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