This year, I rediscovered a rather melancholy emotion that I had thoroughly forgotten about.

I felt a twinge of it during spring break, when Spawn and I went over the river and through the woods to the beach to visit and climb a very tall tower. It was something we used to do often in the summer, enjoyed together. It was an adventure to be sure, but upon arriving home, there was this faint familiar twinge, a feeling I recognized but couldn’t put my finger on.

I felt it again twice over the summer. Once when I returned from a long awaited quick trip to Daytona and then again upon returning from Boca Raton. I fully expected to visit Florida quite a bit over the next few months, looked forward to the company, and revisiting this emotion that was just out of my grasp, but as a few of you know, it’s not looking good there.  I have been deeply saddened by this, but as I move from the point of explosion, I become irritated at the entire thing. Mole hill? Meet mountain. As in something you’re being dressed as.

Speaking of dressed as…

Which brings me to today. Spawn and I did something we’ve not done in 7 years. We attended Dragoncon. Family did not know we were there – it usually causes hurt feelings that we were within an hour of home and didn’t spend time – like every night – there. Or better yet, stay and perhaps just go down for the afternoon. Many arguments have happened during this time period, so we discovered to simply just not tell. We went on a jaunt.

Regardless, the weather was beautiful, warm but not horrid hot. The Tolkien Track is a DAMN sight better now that the previous track director has been drop kicked and One Ring has taken over. There was a panel on Samwise, the Hero which was VERY well attended to a packed house. I would have loved to have seen Uncle Larry’s New Zealand Vacay pics (Uncle Larry apparently worked on set and had behind the scene pics he wasn’t allowed to show until now) but it was late and we didn’t stay on site. We stayed at a lovely hotel with friends several miles up the road. The hotel was just as nice as the con hotels, but about 120.00 a night cheaper. We used Marta and after hunting around for a place to safely park my car (hotel and downtown parking runs about 100 – 120 bucks) we did a bad thing and pretended to be flying out of Hartsfield. We stayed at a long term facility at the airport for under 28.00, took their shuttle to the airport, caught the Airport Marta into town. Even with the Marta fees, it was still 40 to 50 bucks cheaper than to park in town and have to deal with traffic going in and going out. And the airport wasn’t out of our way. We got out of Dodge a HELL of a lot faster. So between saving money on parking and mega bucks on the hotel…. I’m happy.

I have been horrid to my body this weekend. I’ll be on water and yogurt and salad for God knows how long.

I saw Craig Parker again. The man does NOT age. I also met Ryan Gage – who is a lovely lovely lovely man! Much cuter than Alfred (and I told him so) Spawn got to meet several people – including Jason Isaacs and a game show host he’s enjoyed for a long time. He was QUITE the hit Friday and Saturday…


Who’da thought Bob Ross would be so popular? Bob Ross in a KILT was very popular.

Face it, anyone in a kilt at Dragoncon is popular. I’ve seen Klingon’s in kilts. No lie.

And everyone wanted their picture with him.


And it was 3 days of fun fun fun and spicy chicken and powdered donuts for breakfast and way too much coca cola. I’m sure had we stayed in a con hotel, we’d have done more, later at night. As it was, it was much over-crowded, the con had spread even more and trying to find something things proved difficult. Crowd control was stupid. I wanted desperately to see Brandon Sanderson, only to discover, have going through three hotels to finally find the auditorium, that I was required to go back outside and find the line that was blocking the majority of John Portman Road and wrapped around the building.


So no Brandon Sanderson for me.

The Tolkien Track was in a much bigger room than it had been in the last 2 years I went – like went from holding 50 to 200 and it was packed for everything I’d seen, with the exception of one panel and it was very intimate indeed. (Mastering your Muse.)

Whips and chains were not mentioned. Interesting.

Spawn bought his first piece of kinda sorta erotic art. Okay, it’s a very nice fanart of Zelda and Link locking lips but still… for him…

But this morning, my roomies dispersed, flying to Ohio and driving to Arkansas where one will then fly out to California. And we packed and managed to get everything in suitcases and bungeed onto the wheelie luggage tagalong I have. And by noon, we were gone and by 1 PM, we were on I75 south, wheeling it towards a feeling that I’ve become familiar with again.

The weight of returning to the real world.

Tomorrow, I return to work, I deal with students, lesson plans, I’ll probably be observed this week and I pray it is NOT on Thursday. Or Friday. Wednesday would be good. My 1st grade is the bomb.

I brought home a new friend for my Richard corner. Thing is, he takes up a bit a space and POP!Thorin isn’t very happy. He’s thinks it’s ridiculous, but I find him rather adorable and I absolutely HAD to have him.

His name is Richard. Of course.


He’s a chocolate uni-cone.