It has been…. a week and an awful one at that.

I have learned that it doesn’t matter if we have high level guests at our school. Our students will chose that perfect moment to prove to the world that they can take down anyone they so choose to take down. Regardless of WHO they embarrass – including their teacher and themselves.

I have learned that it doesn’t matter how many times you send a child to a school for difficult children and how much they promise they will be good if you let them come back and give them another chance. They will still attack students who ‘don’t look right’ and teachers ‘who make them do stuff they don’t like,’ or ‘keep them from doing what they want to do’.

I have learned that when a man decides his obligation to his own child is over, it’s over and God forbid you try to make him step up to the plate.

Because if you do manage to make him step up to the plate, he will make sure he makes everyone’s lives miserable, including his child’s, his child’s mother, his child’s best friend, his child’s new college roommate, and his child’s cousin.

And if that man EVER manages to walk into my presence again, when I am done with him, he will eat and pee through a straw for the rest of his life.

I have learned this week, that not all colleges are created equal and big colleges will rip you off faster than a smaller one. You aren’t a person to them, just a check. Spawn was supposed to start school ON Tuesday. We’re not sure if he will or not. They have some interesting addendum to the Pell Grant that we have never heard of or come across and they waited until Friday afternoon to inform him. School starts MONDAY. And they’ve waited until Friday  – actually, they didn’t contact him. They simply added 6 more hours he never registered for and told him to just sign here and you’ll qualify for a government loam. We don’t DO part time students. It’s in the literature.

Uhm…. we’ve looked all weekend. No it’s not. And why didn’t someone say something when you CHARGED us 120.00 to come and register and he only registered for 6 credit hours to begin with???? WHy didn’t someone tell him the FOUR times he’s contacted Financial Aid on setting up an account just for his Pell Grant???

My darling wonderful Spawn had a spectacular Aspie melt-down, I wasn’t there to help him, and Niece’s Sperm Donor mocked him. He thought it was an appropriate time to make Forest Gump comparisons and jokes.

Again, if I ever see him again…

(to Spawn’s credit, he went to a quiet spot on campus, calmed down, went back and talked to the financial aid office in a reasonable tone.

And recorded them. They are highly misinformed about things and he and I will be contacting the head of the department come Monday.)

I could continue about the highway robbery that is student parking, residential parking, meal tickets, books,

Government loans. That’s racketeering in a nutshell.

I have learned that just because someone tells you they will send a check to a specific spot, they probably won’t if it means said check won’t reach where it’s supposed to when it’s supposed to. I’ve now been one month trying to get BullShit Auto Parts to refund my battery. It SHOULD be where I told them to send it tomorrow.

We’ll see.

In the middle of this, my sister has been here all weekend. We are besties and she makes me look rather meek and quiet. When I finish here, I will be taking a looooooooooong, hot shower and put the shower head on ‘pummel’.

So yes, Beefcake would be welcome.

253474-2012-nsw-firefighters-calenderBROCH_OHURNe1bbe8c63cddb0f6b7fb230008e03636enhanced-buzz-28711-1382213439-10large (1)holy cow

Time to hit the showers!