wiped my laptop twice since Saturday night. All over a CD Rom that didn’t want to register.

And then Microsoft tricked me into created an Outlook account I neither want nor need and I forgot the frickin’ password. it took 30 minutes to log in yesterday morning (Oh the new passwords have to have a Capital letter, a small letter, a number, a symbol and the number of anal pube hairs in your ass all in a random order) and when I got home, I forgot it again (actually I DIDN”T forget, it simply wouldn’t accept) and in the ensuing attempt to simply log on to my computer, they locked me down and told me to go to outlook dot com.

How? You locked my fucking computer…

Either way, I ended up going through the back door and wiping it again, bypassing the prompt to go ahead and get a new outlook account.

So no. I’m not in a good mood. I had JUST gotten my computer tricked out to how I like it. I lost a couple of things – like the newest additions to my big bang. Gone. I had gotten my 143 folders for my kindle set up in a way I didn’t lose them in the right scroll (smaller, compact, abbreviations… excuse me abbr.) I had hoped to use said cd rom and burn burn burn last night. Yeppers.

Oh well.

Here. Have some Richard.

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Obviously, NONE of these are mine and belong to the people who watermarked theirs.