and I have no beefcake.

Actually, yes, yes I DO have beefcake, however yesterday my computer – after giving me all sorts of grief for months – decided I had no cd rom. No dvd player, no burner, nada. It’s not there. And according to my great computer guru in Alaska there was one solution.

Factory reset.

Ah yes, that lovely thing where, when nothing goes right or something has been downloaded that is mucking stuff up, you set it all back to the original condition.

Means you have to move everything off. Which I did. I moved things off the hard drive and somethings – like a huge ass collection of Richard pictures – onto my cloud.

Only to discover this morning after the reset took place that I couldn’t remember the stupid ass password to the outlook email they MADE me create for this thing and they wouldn’t let me reset the email, so I created a new one… and well… that stuff safe in my cloud is permanently safe in my cloud.

I’m hoping my beefcake isn’t on it. It needs to be on this external somewhere.

So I give you a sweet kitty picture and some other beefcake….


She naps like this ALL the time. I don’t know why.



I have always love this selfie.