Or Feudal Friday. Take your pick! Either way it’s a hot male in chain mail! WHOOT! And I’ve gotten Jeri Westerson’s new offering of Crispin Guest! I should look forward to a weekend of massive reading, as I’ve not read Lexi Blake’s newest offering either, but I really need to finish my Big Bang. It was due early this week and I figure I still have about 5000 words left. Easy that many.

I’ve decided to post it here. Two places I normally post at, I can’t post it there because the amount of Richard in it – if there is any Richard – will be miniscule, if that. Like maybe, a glimpse or one line. Maybe not even that. I’m getting towards the end and so far, no Richard. Think about it. Dwalin at the end of HIS life. Nope. If we see any Richard, it will be in the afterlife, and I’m thinking there is someone else he’s going to want to see. So maybe no Richard. Either way, Wraith in the Mist will be here. along with the other usual suspect places – AO3, Elves and Men, Open Scrolls….

It is the first weekend of the school year. 3 days down, 177 to go! My classroom is actually finally decorated and pretty much set up! Posters hung, things from the ceiling hung. I’m massive happy.

And we’re overdue for Beefcake Sunday – or ManCandy Monday. It’s been… a week. Really. Back hurts, legs hurt. For some odd reason my work shoes, which are Aerosoles and comfy as heck last year, aren’t so comfy anymore and they’re trying to wear a callus on my baby toe – the one I’ve broken several times and really only lays sideways and out.

Are you ready for some Guy? I need some Guy, as opposed to some guy. Some leather-clad hotness….


Look, he’s all caring and stuff.



It is wrong for a man to be this beautiful, however, I am NOT complaining and you better not be either!



There ya go. I have a fairly full day today, although NOT as full as yesterday – or Tuesday, come to think of it.  Yeah, I could use some Guy in my life today!