So I’ve been back to work for 2 days, my boss had some strange ideas for ‘dress code’ – none of which are mentioned in the policy notebook and that I, for one, refuse to follow.

No. Not happening. If I wanted to dress like I work in an office, I’d work in an office. I’d get paid better too!

My blood sugar stayed ridiculously LOW yesterday, no matter what I did. That has not been the case today.

Apparently, I’m cranky. Some man informed me I’m cranky and I think that’s absurd. I’ve had my fill of banana popsicles to last a lifetime, so there ya go.

I’ve been writing today. I JUST might get it finished tomorrow. I’ve decided I will post my little Big Bang novellette here, as I can’t post it at 2 of my archives. (Dwalin and Tauriel go on a walk-about. Right now it’s tentatively titled ‘Wraith in the Mist’ but that could change.) Watty is out. I can’t even remember my password there and I recall I had to signin through my Facebook, which was odd and I don’t like doing. Not to mention if they still do funky things to the formatting, I don’t even want to go there.

Besides I want to get this thing done. William Edward has been tugging at me for some time. So has Gary. His boys are coming home for Thanksgiving and he’s ready for some noise in his house that isn’t caused by a big puppy!

On second thought, maybe I am cranky. My cats have fought all day today. The neighbor’s cat decided to sun himself on the outside bay of my family room window and I thought Girly Girl would damn near take down the curtains and go through the window to get to the thing. I ran him off, but when I got back in she’s all bushed up yowling and Fat Boy is all bushed up yowling at her and doing the stalking thing. Both of their eyes were fully dilated (never a good thing.) I tried catnip toys, and kitty treats, but neither one of them were having any part of it.

And then Fat Boy decided I was THE enemy.

I managed to get the blood (mine) out of the carpet and he went under my son’s bed for the better part of 3 hours, which was probably good for him that he did. I am the mistress of this house and I don’t care how much I love you, you’re not going to attack me in my home and get away with it no siree bob’s your uncle! Especially when I was being nice.

I see someone getting declawed in the future.

And then after that, I had someone being a pill. Grrrrr.

A Black Widow made a home INSIDE my mailbox. Said mailbox has been sprayed with all sorts of toxins and napalm and when I looked just before dark, said spider was on her back, legs curled up and not moving.

I could have killed Shelob easier than Sam.

IT’s just not been a good day.

And I’m STILL waiting on confirmation that my battery will be refunded.


Oh. Also.

Dear Richard. PUT ON SOME SOCKS!!!! You rub blisters and calluses that way and it’s just…. meh. No.

Hey Ho! Let’s talk about something nice! Zee reads.

It has been a dismal reading month. Traveling – which is good and doing house – which was exciting – uncovering new treasure and unbelievable junk every day! Regardless, there was SOME reading done. Tally ho!

Under a Duke's Hand

I wanted to like this. I wanted to like this REALLY bad. A book group I’m in has been going on and on and on about this author. I quit reading it. He wants the perfect polished duchess and she’s a simple country miss and a hellion and basically, he just uses any excuse to spank her. I found it unerotic, borderline abusive, he’s a bastard and she’s whiny brat. Just no. I have quite a few of her books and I’m just not really interested in reading any of them now.

Reminds me, I have a Lexi Blake downloaded that I’ve not read. How does this happen????

COnfessions of  Wedding Musician Mom

This one… touched me. If you’re looking for a deep, soulful, intelligent read, this ain’t your book. Heather is a happily married, SAHM of 2. With a college degree under her belt and money getting tight, she’s looking at doing something to bring in some extra bucks without getting a 9 to 5. Once upon a time, she played piano and had been quite good, so she decides to throw her hat into the wedding circuit.

Only to discover it’s as cut-throat as they come.

Early on, a specific passage just sang to me.

Weddin Musician Mom

I know the feeling. Most time I laughed out loud with this book. A few other times, I cried.

Gnome on the Range

A funny Contemporary Romance. Newly divorced mom, whose mother owns the local naughty adult toy store, and her 2 sons find two yard gnomes at a garage sale. They HAVE to have them. Why? Who knows.

But one of the gnomes comes with an added surprise… that no one knows about…

Oh. And the new local fireman is a hottie too.

Smitie me

Another blasphemous hysterical read. Several of the gods have a bet going. Who can create the best civilization? Of course all the goody goody gods create these wonderful cultures that are helpful and kind… and they aren’t doing so well. Really.

And then you have the Dark One, who creates ugly, mean vicious… thugs…. and they’re doing QUITE well. They’re the only ones expanding. Really. It’s disgusting. They’re pillaging their way through the world, eat their own sort of mentality and they seem to be the only ones growing larger and surviving.

It makes a Dark Lord proud…

and last…

My SParkling Misfornute

Lord Arkus is the bad guy, the villain, and quite proud of it. He’s enjoying his life, just fine, thank you very much. Think Vaisey in his younger years.

Arkus’ biggest problem is that a giant, fanged iguana (sorry, there just isn’t a better description) that a wizard Lord Arkus killed ordered his… erm… pet… to kill Arkus with his dying breath – is on his tail.

Now, Arkus figured out that the iguana can’t stand White Towers and will stay away from them, so he’s built a shitload of them. Unfortunately, the smarmy good Prince who wants to be a hero destroyed all of the white towers. Leaving Lord Arkus in quite the pickle. The only thing that can kill said beastie is a gormack, so Arkus heads to Silky Lake, hoping to find one sunning himself while weakened from a swim and force it to become his servant for 5 years. Oh the evilness our villain can get into if this happens.

However, instead of capturing and forcing a gormack to do his bidding, he captures and subdues.. a sparkling.


Oh and the Sparkling’s name is Tulip.

Now, I’m going to be honest. This book is aimed at the 8th and 9th grade population and Vaisey… erm… Arkus is simply delightful as a villain. You will cheer for him to get his way.

There is a 2nd one. Yay.

I am dying. I really am. I’m off to bed.