Okay, so I’m doing the whole tube up the ass, The Over 50 Procedure thing because I’m considered ‘high risk’. This is the second try. The first try – a month ago – was a failure because I couldn’t get the gallon jug of nauseating crap down no matter how hard I tried. I told them then that that was their ONE chance, but my doctor, the Tube Up The Butt doc, my Gyn – YES My GYN! – my parents, my son, and my boyfriend have guilted me into a 2nd attempt. Which will take place tomorrow morning. I’ve been given 2 little 6 ounce bottles and told, this tastes much better than the stuff you could keep down. Try to have all of it down by noon.

OMG! THIS IS NASTIER!!!! It’s like drinking molten metal! I started by mixing one 6 ounce bottle in with Gatorade half and half in a 12 ounce empty glass bottle. Nope. So I started mixing THAT mix with the regular 32 ounce… I have 2 32 ounce bottles that I am now mixing together for the FIRST little bottle…. ย and I’m now mixing the 2nd 32 ounce bottle in with that. I have finished about 25 ounces of the 64 I need to get the original 6 ounces down.

ANd that’s just the first little bottle. I still have another one. It dawned on me about 8 ounces down that I don’t LIKE Gatorade and that’s why I don’t buy it! EEEEP!

My blood sugar has shot up to close to 300. (Edit. It was 300 at 11:30. Right now, it’s 240.) I’m NOT thirsty at all. I’ve decided to go for a walk. It feels like 100 degrees outside. I have my laced bottle of gatorade in the frig and I’m hoping a jaunt around the block will do the trick at least for thirst. I have YET had the need to use the commode. (They told me when it hits, just move a table, my laptop and my kindle into the bathroom and sit. My son, God love him, went out and bought 4 bottles Uncle Herbert’s Diet Lemonade. I”ll be mixing in those when I get back from my walk.

Between 2 and 3 PM, it will hit my body that I’ve had NOTHING solid to eat today. And that’s when the fun will begin.

I know you needed to know all of this. For those of you who stuck through this entire announce that no one really needed to know, there will be Monday Man Candy when I return.

That is if I don’t have to move everything to the bathroom. If that’s the case, there will be Monday Man Candy when I get THAT bit of business done.