So by now, it should be no shock to anyone that Suitor is NOT a fantasy fan, isn’t a Tolkien fan. He’s not seen Star Wars, any of them, Star Trek, original or reboot, Harry Potter, any of them and he’s not seen any of the LOTR of Hobbit Franchise films.

I figured it was just going to have to be something else I’d have to tolerate. He tolerates my Conservatism, soooo…..

Either way…

So, over dinner while in Boca Raton this weekend, Suitor asks ‘So, next time I come up your way, I’m going to have to watch that Hobbit movie with Richard Armitage, so I can see why I’m sharing you with him, right?’

I jumped up and down (not really, I was sitting in a booth) and said – oh yeah! All 6 movies-

‘Six?’ (the boy began to pale)

“Yeah! There is the Hobbit Trilogy-”

‘Trilogy? There are three?’

“Yeah and I have the extendeds and then there is the LOTR trilogy-”

‘Uhm… I was thinking of just one-‘

“NO! They are like Lays Potato Chips, you can’t watch just one! And then there is Strike Back and North and South and Robin Hood! And Into the Storm….”

He was VERY pale when I settled down.