I’m sorry there was no Beefcake on Sunday. And I’m sorry I fell short on ManCandy Monday. I’m just whiny this week. I’ve shelled out a total of 720.00 for the car this week, the alternator took 3 days longer to come in and it cost more, Advance Auto is being a total butt about refunding my money, their FB rep (which was the only way I’ve been able to contact them) has been jerking my effing chain, I’m down to 35.00 bucks to last me until the 31st, I have The Procedure next Tuesday and they sent everything to my mom’s house, dunno why, and I believe I have enough chicken broth, tea, and green jello for the duration. I think, and I report to work next Thursday, where I’m expected to wear a hot color combination and spend a few hours out in the hot sun for an event. Add to there has been a huge brohaha over dress code…

I’d like to go to the beach, but it’s frickin’ hot, I’ve not been to a baseball game for the same reason. Oh and I’m broke and gas is limited… soooooo limited.

And of ALL the Richard films we’re waiting on, the one I’m the least bit interested in looks as if it will be actually released.

Our vacay pictures were shot in RAW format, I don’t know WHY he shot them that way, but it is taking Spawn forever to convert them. Over 400 pictures, shot in RAW. Why? JPG is FINE for our vacay photos.


Do not mind my grumpy ass.