To whine about my day (Day was wonderful, until we returned to Cape Canaveral. Suitor’s tire was flat yesterday so as we were on a tight schedule, we just took my car. When we returned this afternoon to pump his tire and get it fixed, my car died. In short, the new battery I bought Thursday is the wrong size and my alternator needs replaced because a diode isn’t working and draining the battery. He had to go home and do Daddy things, but not before he paid for the new battery, filled up my tank and set me up in a room for tonight. We’ll head home tomorrow, Spawn will do most of the driving as I am the poster child for Extreme Fatigue and I’ll call the local mechanics about fixing the alternator when we get home – and get my money back on the battery I bought and paid for Thursday that was the wrong size. Whine over.) however I get online and discover that more police officers have been killed and someone on a forum I’m on is whining ‘Why are the police killing people? They just need to stop killing people…’

And the desire to reach through my computer screen and choke the living shit out of such a meathead is over-whelming. I need tylenol and I’m going to bed. My heart and prayers yet again go out to so many families and loved ones. It seems I’m on my knees a lot these days.

Here. Have some Richard.