I take time out for my own life… deal with registration and orientation all day this past week with my son, new college, all of it.. I finally take a sort of mini-vacay, meet with Suitor down the coast. I climbed TWO – count ’em – TWO! UNO DOS! lighthouses yesterday in 3 digit temps. We toured Cape Canaveral – and that’s another rant for another day. (The tour company was awesome, seeing first hand how memorials and our legacy is being ignored and allowed to fall into a a seriously dilapidated state is NOT awesome.) My body has informed it is not doing that any more and right now I am still conked out. I have a Japanese Garden to enjoy today and then we are SUPPOSED to drive 8 hours home. I don’t see it happening. I see us getting just south of Jacksonville or between Jacksonville and the Georgia border tonight and then finishing the trek tomorrow.

and in the meantime, there is Turkey and France and stupidity and more stupidity and stupid fans being stupid with actors they aren’t fans of (why don’t you just go away and forget about it if you’re NOT a fan?) and then while on the road, we stopped at a gas station for water and I see this headline:

French Official: I suppose we are just going to have to live with terrorism.

What? I mean WTF???? Are we all PUSSIES now??? Apparently the butter has done slipped off the world’s cornbread!

Obviously, I did not get enough sleep last night. And my body hurts. And there is no tylenol or advil in anyone’s luggage.

I don’t think I’ll be climbing 2 lighthouses in a day again.

Sunday Beefcake will be delayed and will actually more than likely be Monday ManCandy tomorrow.  Just throwing it out there.