Okay, before I start on another installment of disgusting shit I found in storage, I would like to proclaim that there was 3 minutes of peace in my house today.


As stated, it did not last long.

So again, I’m pulling out boxes to unpack and I’m thinking – I paid how much total to keep all of this in storage????


Exhibit A: That is a white dish towel. White. I don’t know where the stain came from and this looks good compared to what it really is. I’m quite certain it didn’t get packed that way. I’m not even going to bother trying to bleach it. Ka-ching! Into the trash!

and this…


This WAS my favorite night shirt. I’ve been hunting it. Big time. It was one of those stretched out comfy things…. And again, it didn’t go into storage looking like this.


For one thing, it’s supposed to be mainly white. That’s pretty beyond dingy.  I’m sure it wasn’t whitey-white when I put it in the box back in October 2010, but  know it wasn’t that bad!


And apparently, some moth or something ate pretty well.


That’s the piping around the neckline. It’s still attached for about 6 inches at the back of the neck. No where else. I’m thinking it’s pretty unrepairable and truth is I have enough rags. So to the trash.

A bunch of that stuff went to the trash. A bunch of it went to the charity box. I don’t think I kept much from that box.

But not all was lost. Every now and again, I open something and say to myself – okay, NOW I’m home! This is home! Getting my living room in order, watching the kitchen or my bedroom come together. Every time I open a box of books. (I’m short 6 book cases and I still had loose books. Lots of them. Stacked everywhere!!!!) I’m just…. oh yeah!!!! I have been looking for these.


They aren’t arranged, they aren’t in any sort of final order, and some will go on the wall… and I have less space to put them than I have now, so they’re crammed everywhere.



I’m going to have to replace a few frames. Some are warped, I have one with broken glass. They’re here, on the piano, in other places. They’re going on the wall… one or two on my vanity in my bedroom, two on the wall… I have a large family and I love them.

I even like most of them.

So, I’m on a roll….