Yes I’m quite aware that in many places, Sunday is over, but I still have 45 minutes left, so nyah and there. I’ve had a busy day today.

Napping. Naps keep me very busy!

I can’t help it if the couch is comfy. Lord Thunderbutt has decided my comfy chair is his comfy throne, so most times I don’t have the heart to push him off.

I have decided on a candidate to vote for.


Either way.

Da dada daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



Yes it’s important that our beefcake is 100% natural with no preservatives.

Who is Lady Bunny?




NYPD muscle boy Latino


This man… in a kilt…. slays me.

I’ve never SEEN the show or read the books and…. just… just…

But my favorite beefcake STILL….


(Seriously. Do a google image search for ‘beefcake’ and he comes up within several rows. Dwarven Beefcake. Yeppers)

I hope everyone’s weekend was safe and wonderful. I have 2 and a half weeks of vacay left and I’ve not accomplished much of what I set out to accomplish this summer.