I mean is it safe to return to Twitter??? It’s been a firestorm! I mean, darlings, our Dandy Lion is NOT a precious sweet snowflake. No! He has TEETH!

nom nom nom!

I’m staying away because as much as I would love to have a civil discourse, twitter limits such and as I’ve stated before, my debating skills are nil.

Not to mention the chances of him responding are.. well… nil.

Either way, I am torn – on fire to finish another room in the house and on fire to FINISH THIS FIC I’M WORKING ON!!!!

And my wrists are hurting. Both of them. Meaning I have them in braces, which makes doing THIS difficult.

It’s also Sunday, it’s very hot, we did laundry yesterday (at the laundromat where there was NO air conditioning) and I am quite zapped. Still.


This is what a lazy Sunday looks like at my house.

And since I’ve now decided that rather than work on another room in the house or write, I’m going to be like the cats and take a nap…. beefcake.





And yes dear, even though you are a PERSON, you are still my favorite beefcake!


And I DO respect you and your opinions….


(I’m going to go take a nap before I piss people off)