That I simply do NOT get Great Britain’s politics. Yes, I know there is a Queen and she’s pretty much a goodwill ambassador and a well paid one at that and she’s got the most adorable great-grandbabies and yes there is a Parliament with 2 Houses that are somewhat similar to our set up and I get they are way further left than I can ever be comfortable with (I’m being nice here!) and their right wing is way further right than I am comfortable with, I mean there is no happy medium here, but I do NOT get 96.6459678% of what Richard is going on about. I will say I’m very happy he’s no longer deleting tweets with that mad-happy deleting finger of his.

So no, I don’t understand Britain’s politics just like I don’t understand why Lord Thunderbutt insists on following me into the bathroom every time I go and demands to discuss the world’s problems.

Of course, to him ALL of the world’s problems consists of why his food dish is not where he can get to it, 24/7.

My son told me ‘no’ today. I’m sure when Suitor finds out, he will high-five him.

I asked for a coke. He told me no. It also might have something to do with the fact that my ankles today are the size of my calves and my feet are a spectacular shade of blue. So I’m all propped up in my comfy chair with a pillow on the ottoman, with my laptop. That would be THIS comfy chair.

lr 12

The cats are watching me. It’s unnerving.

We have HORRID rains coming in, like now. We had them yesterday and what’s coming in now is worse. We were going to go to the grocery – well, Spawn was going to the grocery, but I made him come back when I saw the radar map. The lovely little park above us is having their July 4th celebration and fireworks tomorrow and I hoped to take my famous Sweet Korean shortribs, corn, baked beans and macaroni salad for picnicing. Won’t happen now so I guess we’ll hit KFC for a small bucket on the way.

IF it doesn’t rain. Again.

Finally, the muse began to talk to me last night. I wrote 5000 words in the span of a few hours. When I finish this, I’ll head back to it. I REALLY would like to get this little ficlet done by the weekend. Dwalin goes on a walkabout, dragging Tauriel behind him. Yeah, you know that’s a happening trip!

And when I finish it, I can go back to Gary. And William Edward. William is chomping at the bit. He wants to see a Despenser swing.

So this brings us to this month’s Zee Reads. I had a rather diverse list this month. Yeppers.

The Good Knight


While this isn’t written on the scale of Crispin Guest, it’s still quite good. A very interesting look into pre-Christian Wales. I LIKE Gwen! She’s a trooper and quite feisty. Gareth better take good care of her! There are more of these. Yippee.

The Devil's Bed

Yes, the upper comment is correct. Gory. This is horror, bloody gory horror at its…. well… Okay, think zombie Bad Templars – I mean this group were Satan worshippers, that kind of Bad Templars – vampires, an old French castle where the zombie bad Templars and Vampires rise from the dead and American Tourists are on the menu!

Yeah. ’nuff said.

Missing Ruby

Novella. Meaning blissfully short, thank you Jesus because I didn’t get far in. I only ‘read’ it so I could comment at Amazon that if the summary was any indication, the thing needed an editor badly. It does. Poorly written, the author doesn’t know the difference between bare and bear, the female lead is a whining, self-centered, woe-is-me female who thinks it’s all about her. The whole premise is unbelievable. And the writing is pretty bad as well.

At least it was free.


Lost in Bliss

More Sophie Oak/Lexi Blake. Don’t get me wrong, her men are hot, her women are not weak or wilting and she has a tightly woven plot. If I were younger and could keep up with 2 men, oh yeah, I’d be moving there, but I’m not and I can’t. So I just dream of a Gary and Harry sandwich. Or a Gary and Guy sandwich…

I need a sandwich. Do we have any peanut butter???


Another book I didn’t finish. And I actually PAID for this one, which upsets me more. After the apocalypse, what was left of the human population drifted apart. Some moved up – literally, up the mountain and some moved down, down, down in the valley below. At least I think that’s the gist of it. This is another one of those 16 year old saves the world type stories. Apparently if the world ends, adults won’t have it together, so the teenagers will be the only ones who know what to do. Kill me now. Or let me find a mountain to move up to.

Graveyard Shift

Probably my favorite book this month. Hysterically blasphemous,  I caught myself muttering quietly, it’s just fiction, it’s not real, it’s just fiction…  

Lana Harvey is a reaper, yes, one of those beings who collects souls. The Grim Reaper has too much on his plate, so he’s been allowed to create ‘helpers’ who do the job for him. She collects the bare minimum of her quota and easy, low-level souls at that. (Americans and French.) She avoids the classes to be allowed to collect high classified souls, avoids promotions and is happy with that. Her best friend and drinking buddy is Gabriel – yes, as in the arch-angel Gabriel, she’s being romantically pursued by the Egyptian Angel of Death – oh that’s another thing – ALL of the religions and myths and beliefs exist and they all are islands in the Eternal Sea. Of course, if you’re an atheist and you don’t believe in anything, your soul is tossed in the Eternal Sea until you’re reincarnated. And the angels and reapers and whatnot live in Limbo City. And it’s a happening place. The biggest problem is a group of rogue demons are stealing souls and the Grim Reaper thinks Lana is the only one to handle it.

And in the process, she discovers he has a secret. A big big secret. One that could mess up everything.

There are more of these as well. 5 or 6. I have 4. Joy!

It is pouring the rain here. Badly. Thunder. Both cats have left me and are now under the couch. It’s pretty pitiful.