I am in need of Sir Guy today.


My sister is visiting along with her daughter… well, visiting isn’t the right word. They are going through orientation at her college and the noise level this morning was more than my old nerves could handle. Thank you, Jesus for giving me a son…. who is normally quiet and happy that way.

As you can see, he’s decided who he is voting for for president.



I might join him in that.

ANYWAY! This summer was designated as my completely unload the garage and get my house set up summer. With the unexpected arrival of Suitor and other minor things, that’s not going to completely happen, but my house IS coming together.

I’m really excited. I honestly feel like I did when I got my first apartment – which I moved into in a VAN and was completely unloaded and unpacked in 1 day. What happened???

Oh yeah…


That happened.

And back then I didn’t have a lot of ‘artwork’ up on the wall.


Yes, that is STILL hanging on my wall… in my cave…. as is this


and these…


So needless to say, I’m still enjoying watching it come together.

(Actually, I’m trying to distract myself from going into the kitchen and cooking the peanut butter cookie dough I discovered in my freezer. I also found my chocolate Hershey Kisses….)

But As i’m sure a lot of you could care less…

I remember the first time I saw this room. I thought it was SOOOO huge….




And oh the things I could envision in my minds eye with my things for this room.

And then all hell broke loose and I actually…. MOVED in.


My beloved piano did not fair well in storage.


My bookcases and baskets fell apart…


I had missing couch pillows, the dust ruffle had come loose…

A lot of things didn’t fare well in storage. 😦

And I discovered this room – along with the others (save the dining room) were much smaller than I realized.

It was sobering. And for a while, I lost my vision for this room. So I cleaned the room and buried myself in work and just left it alone for a while.



At some point, I hung a FEW things, but my piano became the dreaded catch-all for everything in my hands when I walked in the door.


Keys, mail, my purse, junk, all dropped on the dust cover.


The Lamp, that you can’t see, is a yellow teapot that my mom gave me…. oh…. 20 years ago, when I moved out with Spawn, the first time.

You didn’t read that.

And yes I know the two large framed prints aren’t straight. I didn’t want them straight. So nyah!

But summer came and I started unpacking and I rediscovered my vision for this room.




I can’t hold the camera still to get a clear shot of much of anything anymore. Sorry.


I have power tools. I know how to use them. Sort of.

Okay, I have an electric screwdriver and a power drill, which is pretty much a glorified electric screwdriver. I STILL got it up! I even got a leveler to make sure it was straight when I screwed it in.

The hanging of just that shelf did so much for the room!

As did this.

lR 2

And yes, those are REAL books….


With real words and real poetry about cats by real authors.


That’s Widgette’s treat mouse in the floor. You put treats in it – a string cheese in the ears and when she knocks it about, the treats come out. It’s humorous to watch her bat it around the floor. Lord Thunderbutt has one too, only his is smaller as he won’t more than 3 treats and he’s not overly found of the turkey cheese string.

This is MY corner, with my stuff, can you tell. Oh, the coffee mug??? It made Suitor laugh.


Don’t make fun of my crochet flower pillows. They be comfy and my grandma made them. *nodnod*

(Yes, someone DID make fun of them once. They are now missing virtual teeth.)


More my corner. That is cross stitch stuff, patterns. There is yarn in the buckets.

Funny story about the rocking chair… okay, don’t know if it’s funny or not.


My ex husband (Peckerhead) gifted me the rocking chair on my birthday – when Spawn was 10 days old and had come home from the hospital the day before. We loved it. It had (and still has) a lovely squeak that was soothing to a fussy baby who didn’t want to go to sleep and actually calmed a frustrated young mother a time or two. I’ve read many book, fed many a bottle and sung a few lullabyes in that rocker.

When I left Peckerhead, the judge ordered him to release my things – furniture, dishes, the washing machine and this rocker. I was able to get my furniture and dishes, (albeit some of them badly damaged and in the case of my depression-ware glasses and our wedding cake topper, destroyed and shattered) but my rocking chair and washing machine weren’t turned over as ordered. Come to find out, he ‘sold’ my washer and he gave my rocking chair to his mother.

You would not believe the war that was raged in court over this rocking chair. In the end, I got it back and seeing how I raised such a stink to have it returned to me, I’m rather loathe to part with it.

(Oh, I was given HALF what he supposedly got for the brand new washing machine. Asshole.)

It’s not done. I still have things I”m unpacking. I’m keeping a running list of things I know I need and or want: There are three hooks in the ceiling for hanging things. I have an angel Sun Catcher hanging from one, but I’d like to get a couple of hanging (fake) plants. I need a small area rug – a 3 x 5 for in front of the couch. I need a bigger standing lamp, possibly a potted tree or something to put next to the piano. 6 of my book cases didn’t survive storage and they have to be replaced. The bookcase behind my rocking chair needs painted. I know all of this.

But it’s coming along. Widgette certainly likes it.


Lord Thunderbutt still prefers my bed.

lasy kitty

It’s not the complete vision I had for the room, but it’s pretty dang close, and I’m happy with it.  🙂

Happy Monday.